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Milk And Honey For Face And Hair: Plenty Of Beauty Benefits To Gain!

by Fashionlady
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Benefits Of Milk And Honey

While we wax eloquent about the beauty regimes from across the globe to follow, let’s focus a little more on the mantra we all are chanting these days “Make in India”. To be clear, the miracle combo of milk and honey for face and hair cannot be undermined, and thanks to the abundance of alpha hydroxyl acids, vitamins, calcium and antioxidants found in the two, our hair and skin couldn’t have had better nourishment and treatment, when used. From gently exfoliating the skin to bringing back the sheen and shine on our hair, the combo of milk and honey makes magic happen, sans the need for over-the-counter products.

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Benefits Of Milk And Honey

Let’s take a look at what milk and honey for face and the skin can do, shall we!

1. Drive out all the grime and dirt from your hair and skin, washing off them all with milk and honey. Milk and honey for face and hair, helps unclog pores, strengthens hair follicles and doesn’t allow blackheads or acne to set shop too. Dab a tablespoon each and use a clean cotton ball to wipe the face twice a day, or wash your hair with the potion and rinse with rose water; the effects are par excellence!

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2. As a moisturizer, the benefits of milk and honey can combat dry and itchy scalps or skin types. For this, you would need to first apply the combo on your hair or skin, and wait for half an hour. Wipe it off with cold rose water (for the skin) or wash it off with clear running water (for the hair). Do this thrice a week and watch how the flaky and very itchy sensations are shown the door. Your skin stays soft and supple, while your hair comes back to life with a bounce.

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Honey and milk for skin

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3. Remove tans and sunburns with the combo of milk and honey. Pigmentation is done away with thanks to the very high lactic acid content in milk, which helps remove tans and also spruces up the skin lightening effect. Dip a piece of cotton in the combo potion and apply all over the tanned areas, and wait for ten minutes. Wash off under cold water thereafter. This would help moisturize the skin and remove tans for sure.


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4. Exfoliate the facial texture with the help of milk and honey, and allow the beta hydroxyl acids to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Apply the combo as a face pack for ten minutes, thrice a week. Wash it off with cold water thereafter and watch how the glow comes back, in the first sitting!

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5. Inflammation would be bygones when you use of honey for face and the body. With the help of a piece of cotton, dab and apply the moisturizing potion all over the affected area, which helps bring in the much needed relief from burns and sun tans. Milk helps to form a protective layer on the skin, and wards off the tingling burning feel too. For this you would need whole fat milk and raw honey though!

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