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10 Lipstick Rules to Get the Perfect Pout – Master the Perfection!

by Fashionlady

Lipstick Rules
Many a poet has written about the allure of a woman’s lips, comparing them to the soft petals of a flower or to the fresh dew drops of dawn. So how does one create the perfect pout worthy of such poetic praise?

Just follow the simple rules listed here to get the perfect pout.

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1. Prep Your Lips

Get your lips buffed and ready before you put on your lipstick. Slather on a thick layer of lip balm and leave it on for ten minutes. Wipe it off with cotton and scrub gently using a mix of sugar and olive oil to exfoliate your lips. This helps soften dry lips and get rid of any dead skin.

sugar and olive oil liptics

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2. Find Your Match

You can buy the most expensive lipstick out there and still end up with dry, unattractive lips if the texture of the lipstick doesn’t suit your lips. Find out what kind of lipsticks work the best for you. Some people need creamy lipsticks that moisturize while others do well with matte lipsticks that stay on for longer.

Find Your Match

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3. Use a Brush

Applying lipstick with a brush provides a more even coverage and helps it last longer. Using a brush also allows you to define your lip’s shape better. So always use a good quality lip brush to apply your lipstick. Just be sure to clean it regularly to avoid bacterial growth and colour build-up.

Use a Brush

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4. Use a Lip Liner as a Primer

Most lipstick formulations these days are not prone to bleeding. So instead of using a liner that matches your lipstick, use a liner that matches your natural lip colour as a basecoat. Apply it all over your lips and then apply your lipstick over it. This helps the lipstick last longer as the liner acts as a primer, providing the perfect canvas for your lipstick to stick on to.

Use a Lip Liner as a Primer

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5. Start From the Middle and Move Towards The Edges

Always start from the middle of your lips and gradually move towards the edges. This way, you can easily stick to the shape of your lips and not end up with extra lipstick, giving you funny clown lips. Open your lips widely in an “O” to get a better view of the edges and ensure you apply the lipstick evenly from the middle to the edges.

Start From the Middle and Move Towards Edges

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6. Blot and Powder

Apply a coat of lipstick and then blot with a tissue. Then, put a single wafer thin layer of tissue over your lips and brush with your face powder. Allow it to set for a minute and then put on the second coat of lipstick. This neat trick helps set your lipstick better and is used by many makeup artists when using bold colours like red and fuchsia pink.

Blot and Powder

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7. Highlight Your Cupid’s Bow

An instant fix for pouty lips is to highlight your cupid’s bow—the curve in the middle on top of your lips. When you highlight your cupid’s bow, your lips look plumper and more pronounced. So go ahead and use a highlighter to make your lips poutier.

Highlight Your Cupids Bow

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8. Gloss it Right

Use a high shine clear gloss on the middle of your lips. Just dab a little gloss only on the middle of your lips to create a 3D effect. The light bounces of the gloss, making your lips look full and plump.

Go Hunting

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10. Invest in a High End Product

This one’s pretty obvious—if you want your lips to look their best then give them the best. Buy lipsticks from high end brands. Yes you might have to shell out more than you have to for drugstore brands, but the results speak for themselves. Good quality lipsticks tend to be more pigmented, less transferable, and more long lasting. If you still opt for cheap products, you just might find yourself constantly worrying about leaving a lipstick mark on your glass while sipping some wine or champagne at your next party.

The art of achieving the perfect pout is one of much debate. Each person has a different view or opinion when it comes to what creates the most kissable lips. Follow the rules listed here and add on your own individual set of rules that have worked for you. After all, each person is different and so is each set of lips. Just carry a small pocket mirror to touch-up your lipstick at regular intervals and to ensure that you don’t have any on your teeth!

Hope you perfect this art and do share with us any feedbacks on how to get a perfect pout.

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