15 Things a Fashion Forward Girl Always Gets to Hear


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If you’re a fashion forward girl then you will be able to relate to this article. When you love fashion and are always experimenting with different trends and trying develop your own sense of style, you invariably hear a lot of these statements from the people around you.

1. “You should totally become a model”

This is a statement that you are bound to hear at least once a week. Somehow just because you love fashion and keep updating your wardrobe, people seem to think that you should become a model. Never mind that you already have a career or that you don’t have any interest in becoming a model. You love fashion, so you should just drop everything and go sign up with a modelling agency!

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2. “The next time I go shopping, I am taking you with me”

Of course there are those who are so totally in awe of your sense of fashion that they rope you in to be their personal shopper. They seem to believe that spending the whole weekend shopping for them is your idea of fun. Oh well, you could be their fairy godmother as far as fashion is concerned and help them out.

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3. “That Outfit looks awesome on you, but I could never carry it off”

This comment could either be a person praising you for your unusual and eclectic sense of fashion or it could be a snide remark on how you wear OTT clothing that they would never dream of wearing. Depending on the context, you can either thank the person for the compliment or put them in their place with a strong comeback.

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4. “How do you have time every day to dress up so well?”

Of course there are those who cannot understand how we manage to dress up so well and look stylish at all times. Well, here’s our secret. It takes a lot of planning, organizing and time to be your stylish best.

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5. “You remind me so much of ‘insert celebrity name’’’

If you’re fashionable, then you just have to be compared to some celebrity. God forbid that you have your own individual style. People are always trying to figure out which celebrity’s style you copy.

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6. “How many clothes do you own?’’

Your love for clothes perplexes some and awes others. They can’t fathom the ideas of owning so many clothes and are secretly wishing they could peep into your wardrobe to see exactly how many clothes you have.

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7. “That top/skirt/trouser would have looked so much better if you’d worn it with…”

Of course there will be those who think they have a better sense of style and are forever trying to put you down by pointing out where you went wrong and how you should’ve done it a different way. All we can say to such people is “Save it. You’re not my fashion guru’’.

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8. “I love your outfit!’’

This is a straight out compliment and every fashion forward girl has heard this more than once. Keep em’ coming, we love receiving compliments.


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9. “You should become a fashion designer’’

This is a close second to the “You should become a model’’ comment. This is a high compliment seeing as how designers are the ones who start a trend and the rest of the world follows. So to be considered a fashion visionary is a great compliment.

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10. “Where did you buy that outfit?’’

More often than not people want to know where you bought a particular outfit. Depending on which you like more, the outfit or the person asking you about it, you may or may not give them a straight answer. If you don’t like the person or don’t want them buying the exact same outfit, some vague reply will have to do to deflect their curiosity.

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11. “Can I borrow that shoes/belt/top?”

This is a rage-inducing question that every fashion-forward girl faces at some point. Unless the person asking the question is your best friend or sister, the answer almost always is “No’’ or at the most a reluctant “Maybe”.

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12. “Hey, I have that same top!’’

This statement could induce nightmares for a fashion-forward girl. There is nothing worse than wearing an outfit and having someone say that they own the same outfit as well. You constantly worry that you’ll both somehow wear it at the same time. No girl wants to ever be in that situation!

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13. “We’re going to be walking a lot. So wear something comfortable.’’

Most likely to be heard from one’s boyfriend. A fashion-forward girl can be a little high maintenance and the boyfriend knows that. So this is his way of ensuring she wears something like a pair of comfortable khaki shorts and sneakers and does not turn up wearing heels and a figure-hugging dress that could hamper her walking.

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14. “Aren’t those shoes uncomfortable?”

Yes, they are. But guess what? Sometimes we put style before comfort. So if I have to limp around after wearing those killer heels for the party, then so be it. As long as I look great in the photos, I am happy.


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