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15 Tricks to Make Your Make Up Last All Day Long!

by Fashionlady
Tricks to Make Your Make Up Last All Day Long

Tricks to Make Your Make Up Last All Day Long
Are you always worried that if you apply your favourite eye shadow or blush, it would no longer last than an hour? How many times you coat a good gloss of makeup every morning only to find it faded out as soon as you reach office or after an hour’s travel?

We have come up with a solution by bringing you 15 tricks that will help you being in your beauty best! Try these pre-makeup, makeup application and post makeup tricks for smoother skin tone and finish.

Pre-Make Up Skin Care

Good skin reflects good make-up! Hence, skin care should be the first and foremost regimen that you must follow every day. This will help ensuring that the makeup you apply looks fabulous and lasts all day long.

1. Always cleanse your skin using a gentle cleanser, which is appropriate for your skin type. A many times, impurities or excess oil sitting on the skin interfere with the functioning of the foundation and concealer.

2. Get rid of dead cells! Learn how to exfoliate your skin at home to make it appear smoother. It will do wonder for the makeup base to look better.

3. Moisturizing plays an essential role in smoothening the skin. Use moisturizer according to your skin type. For example, creams will work wonder on dry skin, while lotion will suit best to combination skin and gel moisturizer is good for oily skin.

4. Exfoliate your lips once in a while. This will help lipstick to stay on for longer without any display of dead cell flakes.

5. Keep your skin protected from the sun. You can either use a moisturizer with SPF 25 or apply a sunblock before applying foundation.

Pre Make Up Skin Care

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During Make-Up Application

Putting on the right makeup products is as important as applying the makeup right! Here are a few do’s and don’ts to be taken care of.

6. Make Primer your prime thing in the make-up kit. Application of primer will help your make up last a day long. It acts like a foundation to your foundation. There are different primers available, for foundation, eye makeup, mascara and lips, in the market. You can choose to buy according to your skin type as well. For eyes, apply primer all over your lids before you apply eyeshadow to improve the stay on.

Primers for dry skin need not work on the oily skin. So make sure you know your skin type before buying them.

Do not waste money on mascara primer. Mascara primer weighs down your eyelashes, making them look shorter.

7. Use waterproof make-up products. Water proof eye liner and mascara can make your eye makeup lasts from office morning till evening party. Before you apply the mascara, dust translucent powder on your eyelashes with a help of small make up brush. Ensure to keep your eyes closed while doing this or do one eye at a time. Now apply one or two coats of mascara. This will help your mascara stay longer.


An advice given in a published article,

Slightly heat up your eyelash curler using your blowdryer (don’t overdo it, heat up very slightly, it shouldn’t be hot), then crimp your lashes three times: near the roots, in the middle and near the tips, it will give you the most natural looking curl; then apply your mascara – you’ll see how beautiful and long lasting your result will be.

8. To make your lipstick stay longer, apply a cream base concealer first all over your lips. Then, colour your lips with the lip pencil. Make sure the lip pencil colour is of the same as your lipstick. Now, apply lipstick on top of your lip colour. Blot the lipstick. Apply second layer of lipstick or lip gloss on your lips. Your lips are ready for the day!

9. Use brushes to apply make-up. This will create a thin layer of foundation or make up colour and hence there are less chances of creasing up the lines or make up appearing too cakey. Use separate brushes such as eyebrow brushes, blush brushes, powder brushes etc. for different purposes.

10. Choose matte foundation or mineral based make up as it will let your skin breathe when the makeup is on. Avoid applying foundation all over the face. Use it only where it is needed such as on skin redness, uneven skin tone or blemishes. Use translucent powder to set your foundation on areas like forehead, nose and chin, which are generally oily. This will make your make-up base stay longer.

12. Do not touch your face when the make-up is on. Each time you touch your face, it will take some make-up off your face. Avoid doing anything such as eye rubbing, chin scratching etc. that may distort your make-up.

13. Before heading for a party, check your make up again. If needed, dust a bit of powder where needed or apply a touch of blush, which may have got wiped off during the day.

14. Apply a gloss again on your lips. This will make your lip colour stay for longer.

15. When it’s important for your makeup to stay all day, simply tie up your hair. As loose hair may result in taking off the makeup every time your remove the flicks off your face.

Make Up Last All Day Longer

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Hope you find these tricks useful. Try them and let us know the benefits you reaped.

 As Jeanine Lobell in Vogue.com says –
“Most makeup isn’t going to last eight hours”

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