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15 Ways to Make Your Outfit Look Expensive

by Fashionlady
15 Ways to Make Your Outfit Look Expensive

15 Ways to Make Your Outfit Look Expensive

Do you know that ultra-chic outfits can be mined from inexpensive street shops too? Often these flea markets and low-end shops offer some irresistible outfit that are purely in vogue. Just a little bit of mending and tagging on some tips can make the outfit look like a million bucks. Having an urbane style statement should not be bemused with having to spend your entire earnings. Read on some simple rules of high/low dressing and some ways to make your outfit look expensive.

1. Fitting matters

Yes, it’s all about fitting! A simple tailoring fix like shortening sleeves, a little nipping at the waist or slimming trousers can make a huge difference. An outfit that doesn’t fit properly or is a little too long can make even pricey clothes look dowdy and cheap. While street shopping, invest in some simple, yet chic clothes and head to a tailor for the perfect fitting. It will instinctively create a sense of better quality.

Fitting matters

Source: theswapteam.org

2. Wash care rules

Ever noticed the wash care label inside your dress? It is important to follow them as it will simply make your outfits easy to stay crisp, expensive looking and will make them last longer. Shrunk and faded outfit give the impression of being dowdy and cheap. Avoid too much washing as it will wear out the fabric and fade the colour. If the label say “Dry clean only”, do not wash it at home. Dry cleaning cheap clothes immediately make them look better.

A bizarre tip to avoid washing – Leave your clothes in the freezer for overnight if it starts stinking.

Wash care rules will simply make your outfits easy

Source: thefrisky.com

3. Steaming and ironing

Steaming and ironing can blast wrinkles and effortlessly make your outfit look crisp and fresh. If you think ironing is a hassle, invest in a good steamer. It can remove wrinkles in couple of minutes and is a perfect option for synthetic fabric. Hang your outfit on the hanger soon after steaming and ironing.

Steaming and ironing

Source: totalwardrobecare.co.uk

4. Avoid big prominent Logos on outfits

Logos are usually meant to declare that the item is expensive. But you need not shout it loud with a big over embellished logo. A well tailored crisp plain shirt looks much more expensive than loud emblazoned logo shirt. Often the outfit with flashy logos give the impression of it being a knock-out product and can look very tacky. Also, as said, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. There are many known brands that put modest logo on clothes, making it noticeable yet in the limits of sophistication.

Avoid big prominent Logos on outfits

Source: wheretoget.it

5. Accessorize it well

Do justice to your clothes. Complement it with a pricey looking neckpiece or well structured bag to enhance your entire look. When you shop for clothes during clearance sales, check for chic statement accessories too. A colourful scarf in rich fabric or a statement pair of earring or fabulous sunglasses can add oomph factor to your mundane outfit making it instinctively expensive looking.

Accessorize it well

Source: shopify.com

6. Take grooming into consideration

Grooming yourself is equally important to create a style statement. Peeled nail paint or dull face can take down your entire look in no time, no matter how chic garments you wear. On the other side, if you carry your outfits with panache and with a right hairdo and make-up, your simple looking outfit can look ultra-chic. You don’t have to rush to salon daily, a simple and neat look will do.

7. Replace tacky buttons or trims

Many a times, you must have come across stunning dress on street shop, but changed your opinion after finding tacky buttons or trims. Simply replace those tacky plastic buttons or trims with an expensive looking one and it can immediately elevate the piece. You can find them on online sites or pull it out from old clothes you don’t wear anymore.

Replace tacky buttons or trims

Source: blogspot.com


8. Storing your belongings

Even if your outfits aren’t expensive, still a little extra care while storing will make sure they last longer. Store it in your wardrobe either by hanging them on wooden or suede hanger or by properly placing folded clothes on shelf making sure they are not crinkled.

11. Choosing the Innerwear

Bra lines and visible panty lines can make your outfit appear flimsy and ill-fitted. For such low-priced outfits, appropriate innerwear is very important. In order to create a smooth silhouette under your outfit, look for seamless underwear, lightweight shape-wear or a comfortable slip. If you are wearing backless, follow our set of do’s and don’ts while wearing backless outfits.

Choosing the Innerwear

Source: revolveclothing.com

12. Fabric says it all

Look for fabric that adds a dash of exclusiveness to the outfit. Flimsy fabric can spoil even the trendiest outfit and there is no way you can mend cheap fabric, they are just obvious. Avoid buying outfit with fabric containing more than 20 percent synthetic and look for in-vogue fabrics like cotton, butter georgette with high GSM etc.

Fabric says it all

Source: pinterest.com

13. Opt for saturated colours

The colours are the first thing anyone notices in your look. Including rich and saturated colours in the look automatically uplifts the ‘not so expensive’outfit. Look for neutral palette like black, navy, white etc. or go for bold and in vogue colours such as indigo, marsala etc. If you love wearing soft pastels, try to pair it up with neutral or rich colour palette.

Opt for saturated colours 

Source: pinterest.com

14. Streamline your look

Remove unnecessary accessories and trims from the outfit and keep it simple. Avoid cheap embellished top with beads or sequins. Because of the cheap quality, it will wear over time. The sequined top will look dowdy as soon as few sequins start to fall off. Same goes for accessories, avoid stacking unnecessary bracelets or carrying a bag with millions of dangling charms, it can bring down your outfits.

15. Style it up!

Create your own unique statement, style your inexpensive outfits in such a way that it instinctively elevates the look of the outfit. For example, play with the dramatic proportions or belt up your tunic or go for white on white look. Follow few fashion bloggers for latest styling tips.

Make Your Outfit Look Expensive

Source: herbeauty.co

Hope this article on simple yet important ways to make your outfit look expensive is helpful to you all. Do share your comments with us.

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