Scandinavian Fashion: What You Need To Know About This Street Style


2016 Scandinavian Fashion

Scandinavian Street-style is the most talked about fashion these days. Scandinavian women truly define normcore. They are known for their sporty, casual and effortless style. Wonder how they do it is so well? Think white, black, greys and blues. They play around with basics like no one else. Not that they don’t experiment with color, they do, but have their own way of contrasting colors and fabrics. They can effortlessly pair red and blue, stripes and patterns without overdoing and always add a dash of cool to their look.

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Simple trousers and slouchy tees, graphic prints, jackets, fur, flirty skirts, the quirkiest sunglasses, cross body bags and interesting eye make-up, their outfits always have a cool story to tell. Also, they are always strong on their shoe-game. The most amazing shoes and sneakers in various colors is something you’ll definitely notice when you spot them.

We are getting you 10 of our favorite Scandinavian street style looks. Check them out below to get an inspiration on how you can work them:

1. Of Red Skirts

The color contrast, sunglasses and sneakers are totally to die for! We love those red socks!

Scandinavian street style

2. Mellow Mustard

Love how she accessorized her mustard top with a white necklace.

Mustard top

3. The Hat Lady

This look is casual, comfy and still looks well put together. Love the hat!

2016 street style

4. Sporty Stripes

This is one of our favorite looks. Love the Striped romper worn with white sneakers.


6. The Basics Girl

A simple white dress with black Nikes and hair tied in a knot- we sure want to ape that!

Blue top

7. Polka & Sneakers

Needless to say, the polka jumpsuit looks amazing! And the red sneakers!

Polka jumpsuit

8. Knits & Pleats

This look is again one of our favorites. Love how she paired a knit jumper with a pleated skirt. A super easy look to try.

Knit jumper

9. Blue Love

Everything about these two looks is amazing! The blue eyes are the star here. Dare?

Scandinavian fashion 2016

10. Off the Shoulder

A beautiful red dress with a cute basket bag and black shoes, somebody please get us the dress!

Red dress

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Which look are you trying out today?

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