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5 Body Parts That We Don’t Clean

by Fashionlady

Body Parts
Wash, wash, wash, clean, clean, clean….What about the areas in your body which you ignore like a barge pole! Well if you thought a bath in the morning and in the evening is enough to wipe off dirt from the nook and corner of your body, you are sadly mistaken.

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Brushing your teeth or scraping your back is not enough to make us look clean. There are hidden and ignored areas in our body which we kind of overlook when it comes to cleaning them each day. Let’s find out which parts they are and what needs to be done in order to rectify the problem.


Mummy told you to clean your teeth each morning and at night before going off to sleep but she also told you to clean up your tongue.

The most ignored body part when it comes to cleaning is tongue. It is important to scrape off your tongue each morning as it helps you say goodbye to bacteria, or else bacteria will go play in your mouth.

Clean your tongue with a tongue scraper too. It can save you from gum problems and infections. If you tend to ignore tongue cleaning, it can lead to cavities.

Scrape Your Tongue Every Day

Source: motherofhealth.com

Belly Button

When taking a bath, we wash our belly but do we reach out to our belly button? Not quite.

Belly button is the most neglected part when it comes to maintaining personal hygiene and this applies to the educated breed like us too. Cleaning it wouldn’t cost you a fortune. All you need is soap, water and maybe a body scrubber to clean your belly button of germs. At least you need to clean it every day or once a week at least to make it dirt free. Is that asking for too much?

How to Clean Your Belly Button

Source: kinja-img.com

Beneath your Finger Nail

Washing your hands daily doesn’t mean your nails are getting cleaned. There is possibility of bacteria lurking under our nails that can lead to vomiting, sickness since they breed under our fingernails.


Moreover, when we handle raw meat or come in contact with animals and maintain poor toilet hygiene, it all adds upto unwanted germs underneath our finger nails.

Try and invest in a good nail brush so that you can thoroughly clean out the under corners of your nails thereby keeping them healthy.

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How to Clean Your Fingernails

Source: liveinternet.ru

Space between Neck and Shoulder Blades

Heard about acnestis? It happens to be a body part that is located between shoulder blades and on the middle area of our back. That’s why it can’t be reached or scratched upon easily (like the way we access our other body parts). One has to keep moving around the arms in order to reach this place. Since the surface of our back is also to be cleaned due to sweat reasons that can clog our skin pores, it can be cleaned well by using a loofah. A loofah easily glides up and down without straining your arms and shoulders.

Body Parts That We Dont Clean

Source: mentalfloss.com

Hygiene can become a major shortcoming for us if we keep ignoring our body parts. Let us start looking after them too if we want to show our sensibilities towards our body.

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