A Mini Guide On Makeup Contouring For Different Face Shapes


Makeup Contouring For Different Face

Do we all look alike? The answer is NO! Look at the shape and cut of your face, and make your mom or your sister or even your bestie stand beside you; look into the mirror now and see if two face shapes are alike? The answer would be evident. The lady beside you and your face may or may not have the same shape and cut. This means, following her ways of makeup wouldn’t suit you; contouring especially. When we talk about makeup contouring for different face shapes, what we need to understand is that with contouring we would want to bring about the best features of the face in front, and also with makeup contouring for different face, we would like to enhance the look. Round face shapes would certainly have a different way to contour than the oblong face types. Don’t get confused, because today we would like to talk more about makeup contouring for different face shapes and types. Read on!

Contouring Makeup For Square Face

The square face shape type is one that has more width to the temples and the jawline, which means we have plenty of space to play along with when contouring makeup for square face is talked about. We shall pay very good attention in ‘cutting off the temple areas and the lower jawline’, and highlight more of the nose, the chins, the cheeks and the inner portions of the forehead and the chin. Use NG1 from the kryolan palette or a dark brown eye shadow powder with an angular brush to draw a contouring line on the sides of the temporal bones (temples) and the area just below the jawline (not the neck). Use a sponge or a brush to dab into the skin the contouring powder or cream and let it set, before using foundation or a highlighting powder to enhance the other features on the face.

Contouring Makeup For Square Face
Source: 40plusstyle.com

Contouring Makeup For Round Face

The round face is a curvy one and we need to play along the circumference and contour the zones to bring on an oval face look for the client or the individual. Here with contouring makeup for round face, we shall contour the upper cheekbones, the temporal region on both sides and the jawline, with a dab under the nose and the chin. Highlighting would be in between the inner forehead, under and above the cheekbones, the nose ridge and the inner portion of the chin. We would also contour the neck, lengthwise to give the whole facial structure a defined look. Once the contouring is done, we would then use foundation that is one shade darker to the skin tone, to blend the contouring lines into the skin.

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Contouring Makeup For Round Face
Source: 40plusstyle.com

Contouring Makeup For Heart Face

Much like the contouring makeup tutorial for square face, the heart face would need contouring too, but on a lesser note. For such face shapes, we would look at contouring the sides of the nose to make it long and nice, and we would contour the cheekbones, the sides of the temples and the chin. This would help bring about a softer look to the face and would also make the face look a little bigger when highlights are done on the cheeks, the lower jawline, the upper jawline and the chin.


Contouring Makeup For Heart Face
Source: glamglitterandgloss.com

Contouring For The Oblong Face

For the oblong face, we would look at the temporal region, the nose ridge and the jawline to be contoured. For the rest of the face parts, we would look at light foundation to highlight to enhance the features overall.

Contouring For The Oblong Face
Source: yimg.com


Remember the four finger rule here-

  1. Highlight
  2. Contour
  3. Highlight
  4. Contour

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This means, if you place four fingers on the cheeks; the first finger would be where you highlight the zone, followed by contouring and then highlighting and ending with contouring. When using a blusher or a bronzer after contouring or even foundation, focusing on the second and third finger is advised.


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