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5 Amazing Vintage Hairdos For Weddings That Must Be Brought Back Now!

by Fashionlady
Vintage Hairdos For Short Hair

Vintage Hairdos For Weddings

We may be living in the new-age, but when it comes to the weddings, we don’t want to compromise not having a vintage touch and glam for the whole saga. This is why today, we shall want to share with you seven amazing gorgeous vintage hairdos for weddings , which we want back right now.

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Chic vintage hairdos for short hair and long hair

Take a look at these five vintage hairdos for weddings and show it to your bridal makeup artist. Ask them to work the looks on you, and check out if any one or two of these vintage hairdos for weddings match up to the complete look you desire to have. Don’t compromise on anything!

1. A Messy Bouffant

The messy bouffant with a touch of beehive would never go out of style. You can wear it for the wedding or at the reception, and accessorise it with beautiful head wreaths or chic metallic shimmery hair clips too. Use a crimper for the hair in front and gently use tongs for the hair from the crown to the nape of the neck, which brings in more volume and glamour. Mousse is a must, or else the shine and the hair volume wouldn’t come through.

vintage hairdos

2. Cascading Curls

One of the trendiest 50s look that most women back then wore to their weddings, and if they had short hair, were the cascading curls that flew soft and nice with a side partition. You can achieve the same with the help of tongs and hot rollers. Mousse helps to add volume to the hair, and a little blow drying before applying the tongs or the hot rollers keeps the oomph touch alive for long. Accessorize minimal and let the hair do the talking.

vintage hairdos for long hair

3. More Waves

Bringing back the waves of the 60s, girls with short hair can have more waves on their bridal hair than ever before. With minimal accessories to play with, the oomph glam sham part comes with waves, donning a look or two. Mousse is a must to use before you use tongs for the hair. Before using tongs, what needs to be done is light crimping from the crown to the front of the head, so that more volume can arise and be played with.

vintage hairdos with bangs

4. Sleek Back

The 90s sleek back hairdo would be an ideal bridal hairdo for girls with very short bulk volumnized and bulky hair. One may use gel or a serum to shine up the hair with, and to divide the hair into two sections. The front part should be puffed up with a blow dryer and a round brush for the effect to come through. The back portion should be teased and combed backwards and down, to bring about a sleek look. Side partition the front area and the forehead would have coverage as well.

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vintage hairdos tutorial

5. Finger Waves

Very easy to attain, finger waves bring about a classy 20s look to the oval face. To begin with, you must use hair mousse and divide the hair into two sections. Use tongs for the back section at an angle o 180 degrees to curl and twist the hair. The front section should be first flatted with an iron and then gently combed from one side to the next. Take a few pins and at one finger length, place the pins accordingly and keep. Blow dry the front region and allow the hair to set. Remove the pins and wear a head wreath.

50s style hairdos

Do let us know how you liked these five beautiful vintage hairdos for long hair and short hair? The next time we would introduce you to very chic vintage hairdos with bangs and provide more vintage hairdos tutorials too, just like the ones on the 50s style hairdos we spoke about in earlier posts. Check out the GREAT GATSBY post! Have fun!

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