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Anam Mirza And Akbar Rasheed On Working Together For The Label Bazaar

by Fashionlady


The Mirza siblings are taking over the media. Sania Mirza has almost created waves across the nation with the launch of her autobiography, and now, her sister Anam Mirza along with beau Akbar Rasheed, is making headlines in the city of Hyderabad with The Label Bazaar, Season 2.

Amidst all that run up to the event, the curators of The Label Bazaar made some time for a candid conversation with FashionLady. Here’s what the couple shared about all that behind the scene working hours and we have to admit they were just adorable.

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1. What is it like to be working with your partner? Are you enjoying it? Did you happen to get into arguments?

Akbar: Yes! We do have a lot issues, but it’s nice to work with someone you have trusted for life. Though lately, we have been doing so much work that all our conversations have become work related and I literally can’t recall our last romantic conversation (blushes slightly).

Anam: It has its own good and bad. We do have a lot of arguments but we enjoy working together more than anything else.

2. How did you both decide to start this venture?

Anam: We started The Label Bazaar last year February, and even though Akbar was not officially a part of it, he was always there. This time, with The Label Bazaar becoming bigger, the venture needed him, and today Akbar has become the face of the event.

3. Was the 1st event difficult to execute and manage?

Anam: It was difficult, but since Akbar has been doing events for a very long time, his experience counted and things became a lot easier.

Akbar: I do have a lot of experience in doing events pan India. This time we have got in place a lot of processes, making the execution more organized and systematic to ensure a smooth run.

Anam Mirza and Akbar Rasheed

4. Fashion is practically changing by the minute. Are you both at par with what is emerging and launching every season?

Anam responded enthusiastically to this one saying, “We constantly keep ourselves updated and it’s something I am really passionate about. I am researching on new designs and designers every day, and by now I am so acquainted with the designs that I can name the designer it comes from without even having to look at the label.”

Akbar: All I can say is, for a guy, I know too much about fashion.

To this Anam interrupts and quickly adds supporting Akbar’s fashion intellect, “it’s so much fun that I can have really cool conversations like how a particular lehenga would look in a specific color or discuss designer outfits with him (giggles).


Anam: I do style her for a lot of events and my styling venture is called Ansi Styling. She has always been fashionable, but since I know her, I feel I understand her style the best. Knowing her preferences like what she did like to wear, her body type, the color that suits her, enables me to deliver the best for her.

Sania Mirza

7. To Anam Mirza – Have you frozen on the designer that you wish to wear at your wedding?

Anam: (Sighs) No, not yet. I am actually looking forward to the upcoming fashion weeks in July and August. Though there is one outfit that I have decided, but I don’t want to disclose it until the D-Day.

8. To Anam Mirza – Who will be styling you at the wedding?

Anam: I will be styling myself.

Anam Mirza and Akbar Rasheed

9. What is the plan for TLB 10 years from now?

Akbar: That’s a good one! The Label Bazaar has been a very a promising and an interesting venture. We are in talks with a lot of people across the country. We hope to make it a destination for shopping and take it to cities where designer labels have not yet reached, making designer labels more accessible. Eventually, we see TLB making a mark in terms of Fashion and Style not just in India but also across the globe.

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It was indeed a fun date with the duo, and we have to admit that Anam and Akbar make a great team. Here’s wishing the couple a whole lot of success in both their personal and professional front.

We are totally looking forward to meeting the two at The Label Bazaar exhibition, at The Park Hyatt Hyderabad, on the 22nd of this month.

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