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Aquatic Colour Trends for the Monsoon Season

by Fashionlady
Aquatic Colour Trends for the Monsoon Season

Aquatic Colour Trends
When the monsoon season is upon us, our whole wardrobe suddenly becomes unusable. You realize that most of your clothes just won’t do for the monsoon season. Well, fret not. Just take a deep breath and rationalize the situation. You don’t have appropriate attire for monsoon; ergo you need to go shopping. Yay! Your predicament doesn’t seem so bad now does it? But before you go shopping, know what colours to pick up so you can be in-trend this monsoon.

Aquatic Shades

Aquatic colours seem to be trending as ‘THE’ colours this monsoon. Everything from shades of greys to blues to sea-greens is in the radar of the fashion-conscious people.

Aquatic Shades

Source: outerinner.com

You can opt for some bright blue shorts or skirt to pair with some neutral white shirts or tank tops. Bring out the bohemian in you and accessorize with chunky bracelets and funky scarves. Balance your look between the bright and the muted colours to create an arresting look.

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bright and the muted colours



Of course the monsoon season brings with it the need to wear comfortable no-fuss footwear. So invest in some bright cobalt blue rubber boots or some pale blue flip flops.

Fusion of Colors

Aquatic colours are cool colours, signifying the sea and rain. So it seems fitting that this monsoon is all about aquatic colours. Pair your sea-green top with some fuchsia pink shorts to create an explosion of colours. Colours are not restricted just for the summer you know. The monsoons are stealing all the hues!

Experiment with some indo-western looks by pairing a western shirt with an ethnic wraparound skirt.

Smokey Eye Makeup

Keep your makeup light by only dramatizing your eyes. Again, opt for bright blues and greens to make your eyes pop up. Keep the rest of your face bare.

Smokey Eye Makeup

Source: ashemag.com

Head Scarves & Stoll’s

As much as we love the rain, it does make our hair go haywire. So keep a scarf or bandana handy to control your mane. And of course, make sure they’re in nice sea colours.

Head Scarves Stoll s

Source: .pinterest.com

You can also colour block your look. Everything from head to toe in shades of blue; now that would be a head-turning look for sure.

toe in shades of blue

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Mint green and teal are colours that will suit both fair and dusky skin tones. A nice vest in a bright colour is also a good pick to pair with your monsoon attire.

The monsoon is one season where you can really bring out your individualistic style. So let loose and try out different styles. Just remember to keep it comfortable. Flowy skirts and dresses look great in aquatic colours; so hunt for these. But keep them short or at the most mid-length as anything too long could end up getting mucked in the rain and mud.

Mint green and teal

Source: pinterest.com

Personally, I am glad that we are breaking out of the stringent hues of browns and greys that dominated the monsoon seasons in the past. Aquatic colours are refreshing and seem to give the wearer a much needed boost. And I’m sure you’d agree that we can all do with more bright colours during the monsoon to cheer us up and spread an overall sense of well-being.

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