Argan Oil Eyelashes Treatment: This Magical Oil Can Help Your Eyelashes Grow


argan oil for longer eyelashes

Beautiful long lashes are every girl’s dream. After all, those dreamy blinking eyes look too good to be true. While false eyelashes are always an option so is the mascara, but having your own eyelashes to flaunt is a different deal altogether. Wouldn’t you like to grow them?

For years, most of us have heard about castor oil promoting eyelash growth but recently Quora has seen a spurt in the questions like does argan oil help eyelashes grow or will argan oil help my eyelashes grow?

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Well, the answer is YES!

Argan oil eyelashes are actually true because besides the hundreds of advantages that argan oil, also dubbed as Liquid Gold has, it is said that argan oil for longer lashes is also true!

Argan Oil For Longer Eyelashes

Let’s know a little more about Argan Oil and its various benefits Argan Oil for longer eyelashes.

does argan oil help eyelashes grow

Argan oil is derived from the Argan nut which is a native of Morocco. Argan oil recently entered the beauty market with a bang and ever since then it has garnered quite a number of fans because of the immense number of advantages it has for your skin, hair, nails, and even eyelashes.

Argan oil is one of the few oils which have antioxidants, fatty acids, Vitamin E, and good oils-all more than any other oil in the market. So, if you thought almond oil is your Holy Grail, please meet Argan Oil-The Mother of all Oils!

will argan oil help my eyelashes grow

So is Argan Oil Eyelashes possible? Well, like we said before-Yes! In this article, we will talk about the various ways how argan oil can help your eyelashes grow.

Argan Oil Eyelashes

For those of you who have scanty eyelashes, using oil on it can not only help in its conditioning, but in the long run, it can also help them grow long and healthy.

Argan oil is naturally rich in Vitamin A and fatty acids. It is a powerful moisturizer and can help eyelashes to be hydrated. All the essential vitamins needed for hair to grow are present in Argan oil and using it daily on your lashes can promote the growth of the eyelash hair.

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argan oil for eyelashes

How To Put Argan Oil On Your Eyelashes

Well, you can use your fingers, but if you find it a little difficult, you can pour the oil into an old mascara container and clean the brush thoroughly before applying. Use it to coat your lashes fully and use it on your eyes overnight. Use this daily to see a difference in your lashes. Make sure you don’t stuff too much oil into your lashes because the oil may sting your eyes.

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You can also use Q-tips to apply the oil to your lashes. It is a lightweight oil, but make sure you don’t use too much of it because as we mentioned earlier, it may either sting your eyes or it may end up staining your pillows!

Argan Oil Eyelashes Treatment

How Long Does It Take For The Eyelashes To Grow Using Argan Oil?

For starters, this is a good question and a lot of research is still being done on how soon can argan oil eyelashes grow? You cannot expect to see your eyelashes grow in their length as soon as possible. They will need time, patience and consistency!

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