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How To Dye Eyelashes – Is It Safe To Dye Eyelashes?

by Fashionlady
How to Dye Eyelashes for women

How to Dye Eyelashes

Ever wondered how our celebrities have such perfect eyelashes?

They may not let the world know the secret, but almost all of them resort to eyelash tinting. It is a common practice today, as everyone wants to flaunt perfect eyelashes without having to highlight them every single day.

If you’re on a look out for a semi-permanent solution to avoiding the time consuming mascara every day, eyelash tinting is what you should consider.

What is an eyelash tint?

An eyelash tint gives the eyelashes definition and visibility without the usage of mascara. It is a process wherein, your eyelashes are dyed to be darker than ever before.

While your eyelashes are all gearing up to look gorgeous, what about those thin and light eyebrows? Don’t they need some pampering too?

Can I Dye My Eyebrows?

Yes, eyebrow dyeing is a simpler process which barely takes two minutes of your time. The motive behind eyebrow dyeing is to create the outlook of thicker eyebrows which are shaped and darker than before.

There are particular demi-permanent eyebrow dyes and a few beard dyes that could be used, but avoid the usage of hair dyes.

While dyeing the eyebrows could be done at home, it’s not the same with eyelashes.

Read on to see the process of attaining beautiful eyelashes!

The Eyelashes Tinting Process

Eyelashes have to be dyed only by a professional or under the guidance of an expert. The colors that one can choose from are shades of browns and blacks. Brownish blacks and bluish blacks are a safe bet.

Even girls wearing contact lenses can try eyelash tinting, but the lenses have to be removed first!

What you will need:

  • Towel
  • Protective cream
  • Cotton pads
  • Fine brush
  • Cream color
  • Gel activator

How to do:

  1. Wear a protective towel around your neck to protect your clothing from staining.
  2. Then a protective cream would be used below the eyes – Vaseline in most cases, to avoid staining the skin around the lashes.
  3. Shut your eyes until further notice
  4. This is when the tint would be applied with a fine brush.
  5. The tint would be left on the lashes for around ten minutes or so and then washed off.
  6.  The washing off would be done with a wet cotton pad which helps remove the dye from lashes easily.
  7. Once the excess amount of dye has been removed, you would then be asked to open your eyes.

Are you curious to know what exactly goes into making these dyes? Let’s see.

What is an eyelash tint for women

What Ingredients Are Eyelash Dyes Made Of?

The main ingredient in eyelash dyes is hydrogen peroxide. Eyelash dyes are majorly vegetable dyes. The hyderogen peroxide attaches itself to the colour molecules (vegetable dyes), causing colour molecules to increase in size as oxidation takes place.  Some brands use coal tar and some henna. But peroxide is a common ingredient irrespective of the color.

Are you worried that eyelash tinting is nor budget friendly?

Tip : In any case, the eyelash formula should not come in contact with the skin and cannot enter the eyes. If that happens, wash it immediately with cold running water.

Why Spend a Bomb When DIY Is The Way

Steps To DIY Eyelash Tinting

  1. Remove all eye makeup; your eye lenses too. Wash the lashes gently with a wet cotton pad dipped in soap or use makeup and dry out completely.
  2. Now gently squeeze out the crème color from the pack and the gel activator too.
  3. Wear the eye shields on the under eye area and apply petroleum jelly for added protection so that staining doesn’t happen.
  4. With the help of the wand, you now can apply very gently and with a firm hand the color to your dry lashes.
  5. Start with one strip first; half eye to begin with and then the remainder. Wait for a while and go to the next and repeat the steps.
  6. You would now notice your eyelashes have turned clumpy and spidery at this moment, which is okay, so no reason to panic.
  7. Use a mascara wand which is devoid of any residue or color to comb the lashes and to distribute the pigment around the lashes. Do it as though you are applying mascara
  8. Now use the gel activator and apply it gently with the wand on the lashes. And wait for a minute.
  9. Use a clean tissue to remove the excess dye on the lashes. It wouldn’t be messy since it is dry and powdery at this moment. You might notice a few lashes falling off- one or two at the max, so don’t panic.
  10. Repeat the same steps for the next eye.
  11. Apply a drop of castor oil on the lashes and let it be the whole day.

While DIY eyelash tinting works the same for all home based tints that you’re ready to do by yourself, here’s another home remedy.

What is an eyelash tint

Eyelash Tinting With Henna

This tinting works just like the usual salon tinting methods except for a slight colour change onto the brown side rather than black.

What You Need :

  • Henna Powder
  • Water
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Cotton Pads
  • Mascara wand

How To Do :

  1. Mix the henna powder with some water until the paste reaches a thick consistency.
  2. Clean your eyes off the makeup and keep them dry and clean. Apply a layer of petroleum jelly to the skin around the eyes, above and beneath.
  3. Place the cotton below the eyes, and they’d stick intact to the skin due to the petroleum jelly that already exists on the skin.
  4. Now, dip your mascara wand into the henna mixture and let all the bristles of the wand be coated with it.
  5. Apply this mixture through the mascara wand to your eyelashes just like you would apply the usual mascara.
  6. Start with the lower lashes, and then go to the upper eyelashes gradually.
  7. Wait for about 10-15 minutes for the mixture to dry and for the colour to sink in.
  8. Now, head over to the sink and wash the eyelashes clean. Rinse your eyelashes until the entire mixture is out.

There, you’ve got your Henna tinted eyelashes already!

Eyelash tinting with activated charcoal

While there are several options of eyelash tinting to explore outside, a safer approach is to create your own eyelash tint from natural ingredients using activated charcoal.

What you need:

  • Aloe Vera gel
  • Activated charcoal
  • A small empty mascara bottle

How To Do

  1. Mix the ingredients in a bowl
  2. Transfer the mixture into an empty mascara bottle, previously cleaned and dried.
  3. Use this mixture to tint eyelashes (just like you apply mascara) for a more dramatic look.

Is it safe to dye eyelashes?

Tinting is safe to do when done by an expert, especially if you have eye sensitivity issues. Having said that, there have been cases where eyelash tinting and permanent eyelash brow tints have created inflammation in the tissues surrounding the lids; contact dermatitis too.

However, the FDA guidelines approve of the eyelash tinting makeup practices.

It is a personal choice should you wish to try eyelash tinting at home or get it done by an expert aesthetician. Do your homework well, check with the experience and training of the professional and the salons credentials, and only then make a decision on the same.

Flutter your eyelids like a princess thereafter!

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