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Benefits Of Air Drying Hair In Winter Explained!

by Fashionlady
Air Dry Hair

Benefits of Air Drying Hair

Some say we shouldn’t believe that there could be any benefits of air drying hair, while others think just the opposite. Taking a look into both sides, we say it is all about personal preference; just as you would turban wrap your head instead of using the benefits of air drying hair- so let’s not get too judgmental here.

But those who do defend and swear by the benefits of air drying hair, they say it keeps them assured that there wouldn’t be germs to carry around or bacteria too, which house themselves silently on the cloth fabric. Bacteria and viruses can cause innumerable hair and skin issues, which wouldn’t happen when the benefits of air drying are used.

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On the other hand, when you do use a towel to dry your hair, you would be protecting the natural oils of the scalp, which otherwise the heat of the air dryer could usurp. Even the tap water can be cause for hair drying, which leaves the follicles malnourished and drier than before.

Whether you air dry or towel dry, what you need to care more about is the moisturizing of the hair. To prevent the hair from getting too dry with air drying, it is important to use the right serum after a nice shower, and then the machine to dry the hair off.

Is Air Drying Hair Good?

We don’t want you to walk out of the house in this cold weather with wet sopping hair. But we want the hair to stay chic and beautiful, safe too. So while we leave the question “is air drying hair good” for you to best answer, here are quick dry tricks to use.

tips for air drying hair

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  1. Get the buildup removed while you shower and soak into the shampooing regime using a reputed clarifying shampoo, especially near your hair roots. This regime would help keep the strands of hair near your scalp clean and light, and the drying time would take a shorter period too.
  2. Before you air dry hair, we would want you to twist and wring your hair with your fingers very gently, to get the majority of water out. Blot the hair strands with a very clean towel to remove excess moisture, which helps prevent frizzy hair later on.
  3. Use your fingers and not a hair brush when the hair is wet to comb, since the hair is weak at the wettest moment and can break off easily. Detangle with the help of fingers very gently.
  4. Resist the temptation to turban wrap your hair, since the natural drying wouldn’t happen when the air dryer is used. Rub on a little hair serum which would seal the ends of the hair, and to bring on a glossy shine to the hair.
  5. Switch on the air dryer and use your fingers to separate the hair portions, to allow the warm air in. As the hair dries, tame the frizz; use your fingers only!


is air drying hair good

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Another Way To Air Dry

Once done with the shampooing and when out of the washroom, we would want you to let your hair fall loose over your face. At this point, you could apply a little coconut oil (half a teaspoon) to your finger tips and gently massage it into the hair (not the scalp). This is a step for those who wouldn’t want to use conventional hair serums (commercially produced), but for those who want to go DIY and the holistic way.

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Once the coconut oil has been massaged into the hair, you now may switch on the air dryer and with the help of your fingers gently dry the hair. Tame the frizz as you touch each portion of your hair. Stand straight and face the mirror when doing it, avoid the temptation to look down at the hair and bend your neck- the right amount of warm air wouldn’t come through.

drying hair in winter

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For both regimes on air drying, you would not be loosing much of the natural scalp oils since the serum or the coconut oil seals the ends. We hope the air drying hair in winter regimes puts to rest your queries on hair drying.

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If you have tips for air drying hair of your own to share, do write in!

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