Want To Know How To Get Healthy Hair? Use These 10 Hacks And Make Those Tresses Bounce


How To Get Healthy Hair

Want to know how to get healthy hair this winter? Here are fifteen amazing hair hacks that answer your question on how to get healthy hair, which you must try. Give it a go and watch how everyone admires your lovely locks.

How To Get Bouncy Hair

So here’s ten ways on how to get bouncy hair; hacks that your parlor lady would never tell you.

How To Get Bouncy Hair

1. Co-wash For Bouncy Hair

We have spoken about co-washing in one of our earlier posts, which helps protect the hair and brings back the shine too. With co-washing you don’t have to worry about build-up and clogged pores, or slow hair growth as well. Use very mild or herbal shampoos and conditioners to co-wash your hair with, which is one of the secrets on how to get bouncy hair.

Bouncy Hair Tips

2. Bottoms Up Detangling

The cold winds can make those tresses dry, tangled and dead in no time, and if you want to deal with it all the right way, you should learn how to detangle your hair. Not top to down, but bottoms up all the way. Detangle from the bottom and go upwards, rather than starting from the scalp to the end of the hair strand. Use a soft but firm brush to cut through gently.

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Make Hair Healthy

3. Less Heat, Better For The Hair

If you’ve been air drying or using flat irons too much, reduce the frequency of doing so. While the winter winds blow, using too much of heat can rob the scalp and the hair roots of natural oils. This leads to hair breakage, frizz and dryness of the hair.

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What Makes Your Hair Bouncy

5. Cream And Not Gel For Hair

Ditch the hair gels for the winters and apply hair creams or sprays and styling products that have creamy formulas in them. In doing so, the hair would be protected and softened, which gels do not do.

Cocnut hair cream

6. Coffee Anyone?

German researchers at the Department of Dermatology and Allergology at Freidrich-Schiller University in Jena opine a cup of coffee consumed daily can help strengthen hair follicles and prevents hair damage or breakage too. Another excuse for you to meet up with friends on a coffee break, isn’t it?

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Coffee for hair damage

7. Hats To The Rescue

Hats are the best thing to wear when the winds blow cold and harsh out there. And hats also help create curls and waves, sans the use of tongs or flat irons too on your hair. What you need to do is to use pins with the small buns you make all over your hair, and cover the head with a hat. Remove the hat after a couple of hours and get the pins removed too- you now have hair curls to flaunt, and without any heat applied!

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Hair curls


8. Curly Bounces Through The Cold Days

Want more tips on how to make hair healthy, shiny and bouncy, we would first say use a serum that can moisturize the hair well. A lightweight serum or conditioner with a creamy base should be used, which would help bring down the dryness on the hair.

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Curly bounces

9. Invest In Silk Scarves

To look like a diva, wrap your head in silk scarves, which would not tug and pull your hair. Your head would stay warm and toasty even in freezing cold climes- silk doesn’t allow too much heat to escape too.

Silk scarves

10. Hair Colour Tweaks

Sometimes your hair needs a new colour for it to look healthy and nice, which is babylights would be our recommendation to try this holiday season. Three colours when mixed into one awesome shade, would add more bounce and shine for sure, but would balance the texture too in your hair.

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Hair colour tweaks

Loved these hacks on what makes your hair bouncy, healthy and super sexy? Do write in with your own hacks to add and we shall talk about them too!

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