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Best Travel Shoes For Women – Boot, Sneakers Or Plain Converse Shoes – Let’s Find Out!

by Fashionlady
Travel Shoes For Women

Best Travel Shoes For Women

“I still have my feet on the ground – I just wear better shoes.” Oprah Winfrey

Going straight to the point, let’s talk about a wide range of the best travel shoes for women, which can now be part of your fashion entourage to take you around like a queen. We shall tell you how to choose the best travel shoes for women, for which climes what shoes would best be suited to wear when you travel and how to maintain the best travel shoes for women as well. Without much ado, please read on and be well-informed. We hope those boots or sneakers, take you places.

How to choose the best walking shoes for travel?

When picking the best walking shoes for travel, you must focus on the comfort of your feet. If you are unsure what and where the travel would take you or make you experience the world, you have to be ready with a versatile pair that would stand the tasks of walking, running and more.

Therefore, here are a couple of pointers to bear in mind when choosing from amongst the best walking shoes for travel.

Walking shoes for travel

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Take into account the environment of the place

First things first, you have got to figure out where you would be going to travel.

If it is a city that you would be travelling to, your travel shoes should have a hint of style and glamour in them, along with a lot of comfort for the feet.

If you are not going to be doing adventure travels and spots while you travel, you would not need to buy travel shoes that are meant for hiking or trekking, since they can be bulky and heavy; very touristy we say!

Some of us even love to continue with our exercises while on vacation or travel, which is good. And for that, you would need to pack up your trainers- else be ready to be miserable without them.

This is why, plan your trip well and know where you are going, which makes it easier for you to pick out the shoes you want, in accordance to the activities that you would be doing there.

Stylish Walking Shoes For Travel Womens

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For the city!

What comfortable travel shoes should we best choose while staying in a city? Well, you would need shoes that are comfy to walk in.

For very hot climes, you would be best in sandals that can be light and durable, and breathable too, or shoes that are open, and good for walking.

For colder climes, choosing shoes that are foot flattering with an arch support are best to wear.

The material you choose for any of the shoes to wear in a city should be breathable- leather would be nice but shoes with mesh ventilation are best to wear since they are breathable.

The soles should be flexible and thick, which helps absorb shocks that happen when you walk on hard surfaces, such as pavements.

Ballet flats should not be worn, no matter how cute they are, for long hours of travelling within the city.

The best soles for city walking shoes and travelling shoes would be those made with rubber soles. Do not forget to wear small socks with your walking and travelling shoes,

You would need to have the right shoes that are not too bulky and those that support your feet as well. The material should be waterproof and enable you to walk through high and low terrains.

Best Walking Shoes For Travel

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Also, while you pick shoes for backpacking, you must check for the bend test. The shoe sole should be able to bend slightly, and not fold back.

Best Walking Shoes Travel for Womens

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If you are going to wear sandals, make sure they are waterproof


Womens cute walking shoes

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For people who have sweaty feet, they should wear silver socks when wearing enclosed shoes. Silver nanoparticles in the socks ensure that the pathogens and the bacteria or fungus within the shoes are killed. And this keeps infection at bay, and the feet smell free and healthy too.

Trekking and Hiking Boots for travel

Let’s move on to talking about the best shoes that are meant for hikers on travels. Irrespective of which trek or hike or trail you plan to embark upon, without the right pair of comfortable travel shoes meant for the occasion, you would not enjoy the mise-en-scene around or the moments.

Trekking and Hiking Boots for travel

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Shoes that have soles which are bendy should not be chosen since they would not serve the purpose of keeping your feet comfy and sturdy all through the journey. The shoes have to have soles that are 100 percent ridged so that there are no injuries to the feet when you trek or hike.

Hiking Boots for travel

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Ankle boots are best if you want to walk all your way through. This is because; these boots do not allow the ankle to twist when you experience uneven grounds. And the fabrics chosen should be breathable.

Best womens walking shoes

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When picking hiking and trekking comfortable travel shoes, choosing a size bigger would always be the best thing to do, say expert podiatrists. These are better than regular shoes and when you walk downhill, the feet always slide to the shoe’s front space. If the space in front is not enough, it could seriously cause injuries to the toes and may even chip or tear toenails apart.

Best Girls Walking Shoes

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When choosing shoes to hike or trek, it would be best to try a couple of pairs of them, and not to choose them online. And always wear socks to prevent sweat from chaffing away the skin on your feet, and to prevent bacteria to set shop on your feet.

Walking Shoes for Ladies

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For the beach

If you are heading to the beach, you would need a pair of travel shoes that are apt for the moments under the sun and in the sand. Flip flops are worn mostly by the majority of women around when heading to the beach. However, sand being one of the worst surfaces to walk on, flip flops can make you slip and twist and ankle as well. And if you have foot problems, the problem only accelerates more.

Womans Walking Shoes

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While we are not against anyone wearing flip flops, wearing supportive sandals with straps would be best for the beach. They should be made from plastic and should be robust. The sole of the travel shoes for the beach should be thick, so that the sand does not go into them while you walk on the beach. Your feet need to be dry always, and without sand, before you wear closed shoes on the beach.

Women's Walking Shoes

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It is the fit that counts

Above all considerations, it is the fit that makes the best option to choose. When you have the right shoe fitting your feet, you would be free from issues such as heel blisters, bruised nails and more. And you would not regret picking up those cute walking shoes too. It should be snuggly for sure, not tight at all, and there should be enough of room to ensure that your toes can wiggle in them. To know how it works, here are two ways-

1. Start by walking down an incline, and as you descend the incline, you must scruff and stomp your feet. You should also try to get the toe tips touching the front inside of the shoes you wear. If you have tied the shoe laces well, your feet would not move towards the front easily. And if this happens with your new shoes, you then should opt to buy another pair because these would give you trouble.

Comfortable Travel Shoes for Womens

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2.Try walking uphill with the same shoes, walk up a flight of stairs now- two at a time. The heel lift here should be checked for. If the heels of the shoes are being lifted off the insoles for more than one eight of an inch, you could end up with feet full of blisters.

Womens comfortable travel shoes

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Over time, your shoes would expand and relax, and ultimately give way. This is when you need to know when to replace them.

When to replace walking shoes

You have to take into consideration the mileage of the shoes, the way your body responds to these shoes, and check for signs of excessive wear too.

You also have to check how you walk and where you walk, which will affect the shoes and its health before its end time approaches.

If you walk on pavements a lot, it would wear out your shoes faster than it would on a track, or on a trail.

Walking shoes for Womens

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Robust but cute walking shoes, would last longer than shoes that are stylish and dainty. Heavier people have lesser miles to walk in shoes than lighter people; this is irrespective of how robust the shoe is or what shoe type is chosen, say podiatrists and shoe experts.

Womens Walking Shoes

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We hope this mini guide on how to pick stylish walking shoes for travel, robust shoes and walking shoes comes in handy. Do write in and let us know your thoughts on the same.

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