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Strangest And Wackiest Beauty Trend Of Instagram: Fishtail Eyebrows

by Fashionlady
Fishtail Eyebrows Beauty Trend of Instagram

Fishtail Eyebrows Beauty Trend of Instagram

Well, those who are into beauty trends of Instagram would have just felt a sigh of relief thinking about how they could bid farewell to all the weird brow trends of 2017. But lo and behold, the latest craze of Instagram eyebrow trend is here and it is called none other than fishtail eyebrows. Wondering why it is called fishtail eyebrow? It is because it resembles the tail of a fish. Gone are the days when eyebrows were being turned into Christmas trees, Golden Arches, Gucci Snakes and even fish scales representing real sea creature. Also, not to forget gone are the days of super-thin eyebrows, because making a spanking new debut on social media are fishtail eyebrow shapes.

Are you still wondering what these fishtail eyebrows for girls mean? Well, it is nothing but eyebrows shaped into two separate sections, similar to what a fish’s tailfin looks like.

Stefan Photoshopped :atest Eyebrow Shapes

Fishtail Eyebrows

Source: instagram.com/skyzeditz/

Fishtail Eyebrows – latest trend on Instagram

This bizarrely crazy yet unique trend was initiated by breakthrough Instagram account SkyzEditz where the main lady behind the account, Stefan photoshopped makeup so that it looked like different bloggers and celebrities are sporting fishtail eyebrow shapes.

It was only when these latest eyebrow shapes were sported by the photo of phenomenal beauty guru Huda Kattan, 34, with fishtails brows. These trending eyebrow shapes were just a new way for Skyz Highlight to transform Huda Beauty’s eyebrows into fishtail eyebrows. What this blogger does is that she simply deletes the little part of the eyebrows by the arch and then draws in the fishtail eyebrows
He starts off the fishtail edits with the photo of the person and erases a little part of their eyebrow by the arch to reveal he Instagram eyebrows fishtail trend. In the end, the top of the eyebrows looks like it has been flicked in an upwards direction.

the arch is flicked upwards. Apart from Huda Beauty, Skyz Highlight has done many more edits of fish tale eyebrows on many more celebrities, such as Rihanna, Destiny, and Hayley Bui. While it is not established how these tail shape eyebrows can be done in real life, it is noted that many bloggers tried creating fishtail eyebrows with the help of makeup brush, eyeliners and eyebrow gels.

Skyz Highlight latest eyebrow shape created a ripple in the new eyebrow trend craze

Fishtail Brows

Source: instagram.com/skyzeditz/

Fishtail eyebrows and its uniqueness

Fishtail eyebrows for girls are one hot and burning trends, which has been popularized a range of Instagram royalty. Earlier Huda Beauty also popularized the very famous Nike brow and Mc Donald’s brows trend. The biggest uniqueness of fishtail eyebrow ideas are:

  1. Everybody who popularized this look, From Skyz Highlight to Huda Beauty, everybody started this look only opted for photoshop of this look initially.
  1. The shape of this eyebrow trends is distinctively unique. From the upper arch of the eyebrow shape to the way this eyebrow shape ends, everything about this eyebrow shape is superbly unique and distinctive.

Call them tail shape eyebrows or fish shape eyebrows, they are a real sight for makeup lovers

Latest Eyebrow Shapes

Source: youtube.com

Fishtail Eyebrows Tips

So, if you are someone who is planning to really alter the shape of the eyebrows to get the unique devil horn or popularly known as fishtail eyebrow style, then you should really stop and think for a minute. Because to be honest, this look isn’t going to work around for a longer period of time. Beauty trends come and go but eyebrows really take time to grow, you see! The best part to try this fish tail eyebrow style is by adding concealer to the section of the brows to create an illusion of gap-like effect. While we all known eyebrows play a very crucial role in making or breaking one’s face shape, doing experiments with eyebrows till the time it is temporary is a great way to go! And to be really straightforward with you all, we still aren’t ready to accept such look in public and these only look good in beauty blogs and may be, fashion weeks.

Conceal it and within minutes you can achieve this unique eyebrow trend within minutes

Trending Eyebrow Shapes

Source: instagram.com/eve_amfs/

Steps to shape Fishtail eyebrows

When it comes to fishtail eyebrows application and real-life step-by-step tutorial, it is really unclear if anyone has really opted for this trend in real life. While this trend started just by the support of photoshop, we are just eagerly waiting for someone to give this a real shot, in all practical terms.


Fishtail Brows Instragram Trend

Source: instagram.com/blenditgirl/

So, what do you think of this fishtail eyebrow trend? Are they on fleek or are just another trend you wouldn’t want to try?

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