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10 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Lip Pimples Fast

by Fashionlady
Best Ways to Get Rid of Lip Pimples

Are pimples on your lip your worst nightmare before a date night? Does having pimples take a toll on the prettiness of your pout? If you can relate to the above situations, don’t hit the panic button just yet. Simply go ahead and check out this article to know about the causes and symptoms of lip pimples.

Ways to Get Rid of Lip Pimples

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Also, learn tips to treat this common skin woe quickly at home and prevent it almost magically! Curious already? Read on!

Causes Of Lip Pimples:

Anyone is likely to get pimples on lips because of the following reasons:

1. Hyper Sensitivity To Allergens:

A lip pimple may be an allergic reaction to ingredients found in lip balm and lipsticks.

2. Use Of Chemical-Based Lip Products:

When you use low-quality lip products in the form of makeup, lip gloss or lip balm, your lips can come in contact with harmful chemical ingredients which penetrate the delicate skin causing damage. This can lead to infections around the lip edges, thereby causing pimples.

3. Hormonal Changes:

Changes in the hormone levels of the body, for instance, fluctuations in the estrogen and progesterone production can affect both males and females. Especially,during puberty, it can lead to the development of small pimples around the lip area.

4. Oily Skin Type:

An excessive oil buildup under the skin can lead to pimple formation around lips.

5. Lip Waxing:

This hair removal technique, when done on upper lips, can become the root cause of lip pimples.
Now that we are aware of the causes, let’s move on to know more about the symptoms of lip pimples.

Symptoms Of Lip Pimples:

How can you make out that there are pimples on your lips? Easy. When you see whiteheads or blackheads, it indicates a pimple formation. A pimple can be painful when you touch it, and a cold sore will also cause a feeling of itching, tingling or burning. Cold sores are the ones which show in the lower lip, most often.

If you are wondering how to get rid of lip pimples, we have some well-researched home remedies to help you out.

Best Home Remedies For Treating Lip Pimples:

Here are some quick remedies to get rid of lip pimples:

  • Use Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Put a pack of Ice on your acne in and around the lip area
  • Do Steam treatment
  • Apply Lemon Juice
Benzoyl Peroxide for Lip Pimple

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Disclaimer: You can try the above home remedies if your lip pimple is a minor one. In case of acute breakouts in the lip area immediately consult a dermatologist as he is the best person to guide you on skin care.

Despite all the home remedies, it is important for you to maintain a proper hygiene in order to avoid pimples on your lip.

Top 10 Tips To Prevent Lip Pimples:

Here are some efficient ways that will help you avoid lip pimples in the future

1. Consume A Healthy Diet:

In order to avoid future episodes of getting pimples on lips, go in for a rich diet comprising of vitamin A and E, magnesium, zinc. If you want fast recovery from lip pimples, then decide on pursuing these foods.

Diet and Water for Pimple on Lip

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Whenever you are removing lip makeup, remember, olive oil and panthenol are safer to use than coconut oil. Secondly, both these oils do not irritate the sensitive skin of your lip area.

4. Clean And Exfoliate Regularly:

In your mission of clearing your face, you do use face scrubs regularly. Similarly, the lips need to be scrubbed regularly so that there is zero deposit of dead cells which otherwise lead to the formation of pimples.

Go in for natural and homemade lip exfoliators. There is always the option to go in for commercial exfoliators too. Bottomline is that you should do lip exfoliation as often and regularly as you brush your teeth.


5. Opt For Herbal Treatments:

Herbal remedies are the best ones when it comes to getting rid of lip pimples. Apply eucalyptus, castor, basil or neem oil at regular intervals to the affected area.

6. Eat Foods Rich In Alpha Hydroxy Acids:

Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapes, and limes have alpha hydroxy acids, which help in opening up of clogged pores and getting rid of dead skin cells around the lip area. This further minimizes the chances of developing pimples.

Avoid indulging in fast foods, which have an excess of oil and fats.

While most of us turn to caffeine to stimulate our energy goals, it can be the major cause of pimples on the lips. So cut down on caffeine or avoid it, if you can. Drink water instead as it helps flush out the body toxins.

Foods for Lip Pimple Home Remedies

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7. Avoid Stress:

Stress happens to be one of the greatest enemies of a healthy skin. Many skin cells die an untimely death due to the stress factor. This leads to the development of pus, pimples and chapping of lips.

8. Use Face Cleansers:

Whenever you are down with a lip pimple, it doesn’t always mean that your lipstick is at fault or your lip makeup. Sometimes, it is the face care products that you use which are to be blamed. Use face cleansers like tea tree oil, lavender oil and Arctium lappa (thorny burr) to avoid and eliminate the worst and the most stubborn lip pimples.

Natural Face Care Products for Lip Pimple

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9. Apply Hot And Cold Compress:

The perfect remedy to get rid of lip pimples is a hot compress. This method is very effective when lips are swollen or when a lip pimple hurts. Soak a soft cloth in warm water place it on a lip pimple. This home remedy helps in reducing the size of a pimple and mitigates the pain.

Cold compresses can help relieve people who are suffering from some types of lip allergies and sores.

10. Maintain Good Hygiene:

Just like you keep your mouth clean, even your lips should always be clean. Stop living under the illusion that having greasy lips after a meal is a sign of great health. On the contrary, clean your lip line properly after you are through with your meal.

One of the good medicated products for lip hygiene is Salicylic acid toner. You just need to soak a cotton ball in it to clean your lips perfectly.

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Hope you found these tricks and precautions of getting rid of lip pimples helpful. Do write in your suggestions and comments too.

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