Bow Back Dress Is A Wardrobe Must-Have


Bow Back Dress Is A Wardrobe Must-Have
If you own a bow back dress of the newest trend, then you already know how awesome they are. And for those of you who don’t own one yet, let me list out why you need a bow back dress and what you’re missing out on by not having own.

It will be your saviour in a number of occasions. All you have to do is to put on your bow back dress, sweep a layer or two of lipstick on and you’re good to go. It really is that easy because a bow back dress hits the right balance and is perfect for any number of occasions from a date to an office party. It is sweet without being silly and dressy without being flashy. Anytime you are running out of time and panicking as to what you should wear, your bow back dress will come to your rescue.

Bow Back Dress

It gives a cute little twist to the LBD. Just that little addition of a bow can take your LBD from being a safe dress that is a fallback option to a stylish dress that you can’t wait to wear time and again.

Lbd stylish dress

Your boyfriend will love it. The bow represents femininity and its placement at the back of the dress accentuates your figure and is sure to make your boyfriend drool. Don’t believe us? Wear it on your next date and see how he stares at you stupefied.

Bow Back Dress Is A Wardrobe

A strappy bow back dress is the perfect way to show-off your sexy back. And unlike a completely backless dress that might raise a few eyebrows and invite unsavoury comments, a bow back dress looks so feminine and pretty that no one would think about it as skimpy or term you scantily clad.


sexy bow back dress

Many of the Hollywood celebrities have time and again worn a bow back dress to set the red carpet on fire. A long evening dress with a bow at the back goes from an elegant cocktail dress to an opulent gown that stands for luxury and grandeur.

Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester’s looks dashing in a navy blue bow back dress.

navy blue bow back dress

Sarah Hyland looks totally adorable in this pink satin-dress with bows at the back.

pink satin dress with bows

Lily Colins makes a statement in this black low-plunge dress with an oversized white bow at the back.

black low plunge dress

The next time you’re going to a party or on a date, why not wear a cute bow back dress and make it special.

If you are on a tight budget and can’t afford to spend money on a new dress, then you can make your own bow back dress. Sew a bow using fabric, lace or satin ribbons and sew it onto one of your dress. Make sure the bow looks neat and the colour goes with that of your dress. You can even use a safety pin to pin the bow onto your dress. This way you can take it off whenever you want.

Note: Since most bow back dresses showcase a bare back (or a plunge back) you will do well to exfoliate your back with a body scrub to make it smooth and moisturize it to avoid having any dry patches. Also, it goes without saying that your back should be hairless as you don’t want to be showing your hairy back to the world. You can use a bronzer or a tinted moisturizer to cover up any marks or blemishes on your back to create the illusion of smooth skin.


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