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Wearing Mehendi on hands and feet is an age old tradition in India and also in Pakistan. There are plenty of reasons why women wear mehendi. From keeping your body cool to using it as a body art for fashion, it is widely used for all reasons.

Bridal mehendi designs can be anything from simple henna designs to elaborate and delicate mehendi designs on the bride’s hands and feet. Floral’s, trumpets and dulha-dulhan mehnedi designs are drawn on the hands to make it more detailed and unique. Some traditions also require the name of the husband to be written in the design. The reason for this is the husband on the first night has to find the name. This is another way to gain warmth between the bride and groom.

Many people in the West like to wear mehendi designs in the form of temporary tattoos. Many tattoo ideas are generated with the help of mehendi motifs and simple henna designs. Kid’s mehendi is also a popular art form. They often feel grown up and blend into the cultural celebrations with simple henna designs on the hands.

Every city has a design of their own. For eg., Arabic mehendi designs have elaborate flowers in different shapes that runs diagonally on the hands and feet. Marvari mehndi designs are more details and fill the hands in a way that hardly any white space is seen. Pakistani mehendi designs are again similar to that of Arabic.

Tikki Mehndi Designs For Woman

Tikki Mehndi Designs For Every Girl

Women love applying mehndi designs that dramatically enhance the hands. The most popular designs include mango, leaf, and peacock. But, among all, mehndi designs tikka are considered to be the origin of mehndi designs. No...
Back Mehndi Designs-min

Top 7 Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Mehndi designs are a popular favorite of women all over the world. The fact that one can draw their imagination on their palm makes it so desirable! The back hand mehndi designs come in both...
Finger Mehndi Designs

9 Finger Mehndi Designs To Dazzle You!

There is something absolutely divine about mehndi designs, especially rubbing your palms to remove dried mehndi from your hands. Recently, with an increase in trends, girls are going the extra mile with finger mehndi designs,...
Rose Mehndi Designs

Top Rose Mehndi Designs To Be The Cynosure Of All Eyes!

Mehndi has come of age. Earlier on, the designs used to be simple. Nowadays, the range of designs is huge and massive. There are one-alphabet mehndi designs to floral-based. If you want a soft...

32 Simple Mehndi Designs For Beginners Step By Step

When I was a little girl, I would always ask my mom and aunt to put mehndi on my hands whenever I see them putting beautiful simple mehndi designs on various occasions. I was always...
Colors to Wear For Mehendi

Colors to Wear For Mehendi

Indian weddings are a colour riot and mish mash of so many functions! It is one of the most beautiful types of weddings and the myriad of ceremonies that are held signify an important...
Beautiful Peacock Mehndi Designs

Top 10 Beautiful Peacock Mehndi Designs

Animal motifs have always been an integral part of mehndi designs. These tribal patterns not only make the mehndi look beautiful, but they also add an Indian oddity to this timeless body art. While...
Henna Tattoos for Your Shoulder

Henna Tattoos for Your Shoulder – Get Creative with Inspiring Designs

Who says henna tattoos are only for your hands and feet? Get creative and get some awe-inspiring henna tattoos done on your shoulders. Choose a design that enhances your delicate collarbone or let loose...
Bangle mehendi design

20 Bangle Mehndi Designs To Inspire From

Bangle mehndi designs are increasingly becoming popular. These are not only traditional but contemporary that best suit the likeness of the new age women on the go. With different preferences and occasions, the designs...
Pakistani Mehndi Designs

25 Latest Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Pakistani mehndi is a fusion style of mehendi art which has been developed by incorporating some elements of Indian and Arabic styles. The Red/ Orange henna is generally used in Rajasthani Mehndi, but Pakistani...

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