Mughlai Mehndi Designs – A Royal Touch for That Elegant Look


Want to wear your Mehndi in the royal manner of those yesteryear queens of the Mughal empire? How do their Mehndi designs differ from other Mehndi designs? Well, we are here to provide you the ultimate guide that you need in order to know everything that there is about Mughlai Mehndi designs.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs

The demand for Mughlai Mehndi designs has seen a leap in number over the past couple of years, although they have been worn by women across the Indian subcontinent and middle east for centuries now. But as the beauty industry has slowly started recognising Mehndi as an integral form of body art, it is now shaping itself up as a whole other genre to study and research upon.

Origin of Mughlai Mehndi Designs:

When one thinks of the word ‘Mughlai’, probably some of the first things that usually comes to everyone’s mind are the Mughal dynasty, the Mughal emperors, the Mughal architecture or the Mughlai cuisine. But, there is also another thing that the Mughals have passed over the centuries – the regal Mughlai Mehndi designs – that have been embraced by millions of women in countless traditional and auspicious occasions.

Be it the weddings or engagements or any other traditional occasions, Mehndi has seen itself being woven as an integral part of the Indian, Arabic and Pakistani cultures.  Steadily, it is also spreading its wings towards the west with much propitious success.

Apart from being an exquisite body art form, they also bring in good luck and favourable well-being for the occasion. So, without further ado, let us check some of the most sought-after Mughlai Mehndi designs that there is.

List of Mughlai Mehndi Designs:

The Mughlai Mehndi have an eclectic range of designs, which makes them unique from each other, while still being woven under a similar pattern of thoughts. Just like their jewellery and clothing, their Mehndi designs also resembles intricate and delicate patterns and is marked by attention to detail. The motifs used in them are some of the finest that you will ever lay your eyes on.

Here are some of the Moghlai Mehndi designs for you to try on.

1. The Mesmerizing Emirates:

These Mehndi designs resemble the architectural style that the Mughals used on their palaces and emirates. Having the motifs of tomb and shrines, they never fail to evoke the royal feeling when worn on prosperous occasions.

Best Mughlai Mehndi

2. The Fascinating Floral:

As the name suggests, this type of design is marked by a prominent role of flowers, leaves and their adjacent stems. It is one of the most popular Indo Mughlai Mehndi designs of all time. From flowing lily petals to rosebuds, it is
inspired by some of the favourite flowers of their Mughal era.

Mughlai Floral Mehndi

3. The Mighty Peacock:

Since peacock in themselves signify royalty, they were an absolute favourite of the Mughals during their reign in the Indian subcontinent. Naturally, they have largely influenced a number of their Mehndi designs. From their long neck to their elegant heads to their majestic feathers, almost every feature of their beautiful body is replicated in these designs.

Mughlai Peacock Mehndi

4. The Intricate Patterned:

Patterns also play a pivotal role in Mughal Mehndi designs. A recurring pattern drawn on the back and frontal portion of the hand is the most common example here. Within the same side, a repetition of one or several patterns is another trait of these designs.

Modern Mehndi Designs

5. The Gorgeously Webbed:

Inspired by the intricacies of a spider’s web, this style of the Moghlai Mehndi design resembles a criss-cross pattern clubbed with dots, floral or other geometrical patterns. Although simple in appearance, they do involve a considerable amount of time to design.

Latest Mehndi Designs

6. The Enthralling Abstract:

The Mughlai artform was also heavily influenced by abstract thoughts and shapes, which is the base of this particular style of design. Be it in positioning or shapes, abstract designs are very frequently used in Mughlai Mehndi designs.

Abstract Mehndi

7. The Shades of Colour:

If you are into vibrancy and want to experiment with colours while incorporating a Mughal Mehndi design, then there a bunch of colours that you can work with. A combo of blue and green always works magically since they symbolise a peacock, which was one of the striking motifs of Mughal dynasty. Besides, crimson red, sunshine orange, bright yellow, among other, also look great with Mehndi.

Colorful Mehndi

8. The Glamorous Glitter:

For those of you who want to add a dash of bling to their regular Mughal Mehndi, this style of design is just for you. Using glitters and the usual henna or exclusively only glitter, you can draw and flaunt your Mughlai Mehndi design with the panache it deserves.

Glitter Mehndi

9. The Fancy Feet:

Mughlai Mehndi isn’t just restricted to the palm of your hands. They also have amazing works styled exclusively for feet. From floral to abstract, from peacock to colour, all the designs mentioned above can be worked on feet to create a contrast between your hands and legs.

Mughlai Mehndi for Feet



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