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Wearing Mehendi on hands and feet is an age old tradition in India and also in Pakistan. There are plenty of reasons why women wear mehendi. From keeping your body cool to using it as a body art for fashion, it is widely used for all reasons.

Bridal mehendi designs can be anything from simple henna designs to elaborate and delicate mehendi designs on the bride’s hands and feet. Floral’s, trumpets and dulha-dulhan mehnedi designs are drawn on the hands to make it more detailed and unique. Some traditions also require the name of the husband to be written in the design. The reason for this is the husband on the first night has to find the name. This is another way to gain warmth between the bride and groom.

Many people in the West like to wear mehendi designs in the form of temporary tattoos. Many tattoo ideas are generated with the help of mehendi motifs and simple henna designs. Kid’s mehendi is also a popular art form. They often feel grown up and blend into the cultural celebrations with simple henna designs on the hands.

Every city has a design of their own. For eg., Arabic mehendi designs have elaborate flowers in different shapes that runs diagonally on the hands and feet. Marvari mehndi designs are more details and fill the hands in a way that hardly any white space is seen. Pakistani mehendi designs are again similar to that of Arabic.

Marwari Mehndi Designs

25 Marwari Mehndi Designs For Hands And Feet

Marwari mehndi designs evolved to reflect the culture of Rajasthan. Their mehndi designs range from simple to breathtakingly beautiful. There is a design for everyone; perhaps this is the reason for their immense popularity....
How to Apply Henna Mehndi Designs

How To Apply Henna Mehndi Designs – Step by Step Tutorial

Henna (mehndi) is basically an herbal dye that is powdered and when applied on skin gives cooling effect. Simple mehendi designs are worn by women and young girls during auspicious festivals and occasions such...
Henna Art for Hands

Henna Art – How To Make A Henna Cone?

The glitter and glamour of Indian costumes, whether it is Punjabi, Rajasthani, South Indian or Bengali goes a notch above with ‘mehndi’ on hands and feet. The joy of watching henna powder and making...
mehandhi designs

15+ Mehndi Designs For Legs: The Perfect List For a Bride-To-Be!

One of the most important day’s in a girl’s life is no doubt her wedding day. There are hundreds and thousands of little things that she needs to take care of and mehendi is...

Indian Henna Designs – Unfold Deeper Meanings & Significances

Indian brides have been decorating their hands with henna for decades now. Historically, henna with its cooling properties, was applied on hands and feet to cool one’s body. The beautiful stain that it left...
How to get a dark henna colour hands and feet

How To Darken Henna On Hands And Feet

Henna looks amazing! Those intricate designs on hands and feet are gorgeous and spectacular. Though they originated first in India, and were used as an adornment for brides, henna designs are now common all...
Beautiful bridal mehndi designs

Best Mehndi Artists in Pune

Mehndi is traditional approach of adornment in India, and a marriage ceremony is incomplete without its application. Even in this contemporary world, brides look forward to the mehndi ceremony. Nowadays, it is quite ubiquitous...
Best Mehndi Artists in Bangalore

Best Mehndi Artists in Bangalore

Mehndi holds ample of cultural importance in Indian traditions. Be it weddings or other occasions, mehndi plays a vital role in all of the ceremonies in India. Reminisce Indian Weddings and the foremost thing...
Best Mehndi Artists In Hyderabad

Best Mehndi Artists In Hyderabad

Henna or Mehndi is a top priority for a bride. Not only is it a symbol of her being married, but mehndi designs are also beautiful addition to the entire bridal look. Though the...
Best Mehndi Artist in Chennai

Best Mehndi Artists in Chennai

Although traditionally henna designs are more of a North Indian tradition, in recent times they have become an integral part of South Indian celebration as well. Chennai, being the melting pot of cultures, has...

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