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How To Darken Henna On Hands And Feet

by Fashionlady
How to get a dark henna colour hands and feet

Henna looks amazing! Those intricate designs on hands and feet are gorgeous and spectacular. Though they originated first in India, and were used as an adornment for brides, henna designs are now common all over the world. The beautiful designs can last for a week or so depending on their exposure to water and soap.

How To Darken Henna On Feet

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Sometimes, however, all women do not get too dark mehendi stains. They stay a little orange. A good mehendi should give you a dark brown colour. So, how to darken henna on hands and feet?

Below are some tips to darken henna:

How to get a dark henna colour


Clean Is The Key!

When you start applying henna on your hands or feet, make sure that you do not have any kinds of lotions applied on your body. If you do have, then you should wash them off with soap. The only way the henna will come out dark on your body is when it is in direct contact with your skin.

mehendi color


The Longer The Better:

For a very dark mehendi color, it is essential that you keep your henna on for a longer period of time. You can keep it on overnight for the darkest possible colour. When the henna dries off completely, scrape if off with a knife instead of using water. The longer you stay away from water, the better the colour will be. When you first scrape off the colour, you will see that the colour that has developed has an orange tint, but after a while this will get a darker, much richer brown hue.

improve mehndi color


Eucalyptus Magic:

The sweet smelling oil is a wonderful way to keep your henna dark. You can apply it before you use henna and it will give an extremely dark colour. If you ever thought how to darken henna on feet, now you have the answer.

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dark mehndi ideas


Lemon And Sugar Mixture:


While your henna is drying you should use a mixture of sugar boiled in water and add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Constantly dab this cooled down mixture on your hands. The sugar keeps the mehendi sticking to the hand for a longer time and lemon juice acts as a catalyst to release more colour from the henna.

ingredients for dark mehndi


Cloves For Darker Stain:

Boil a few cloves and add a few garlic pods to it. Put your hands on top of this henna design and let your mehendi soak in the steam. Be careful not to burn your hands from the steam. This is also a very effective way to darken henna on hands or feet.

Cloves for Darker mehendi


When it comes to going swimming, try and avoid as much as possible because swimming pools have chlorine, a bleaching agent, which will fasten the process of henna fading. Again, make sure you avoid washing clothes or utensils. If you have to, you may use gloves to prevent water on your mehendi designs.

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Mehendi designs look beautiful on a woman’s hand. But as they start fading out, their charm starts fading too! So to avoid this, try and use the above methods. Hope you have got all your answers on How to Darken Henna on Hands and Feet.

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