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According to most women, not only diamonds, but all types of jewelleries a woman’s best friend. From fashion jewelry to hair jewellery to wedding jewellery and designer jewellery, a woman will love to have a complete collection to match every different attire that she may possess.

When it comes to Indian wedding jewellery, one must know that every state and religion has a special type of jewelry to themselves that screams their culture. Kerala jewellery is known for designs that resemble coins, also called ‘kaas’. These are special in their own ways. Every Kerala Bride wears these jewelleries of different lengths along with a kamarbandh, also known as the saree belt. In most South Indian cultures, the bride wears all the jewellery given to the daughter by her parents to show their wealth and position of class in the society. Similarly, in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, the bridal jewellery is “Temple Jewellery” that has figures of gods and goddesses on them.

In Northern states of India, the wedding jewelry mostly consists of kundan jewellery and jadao. Brides tend to wear more of gold and yellow jewelry during the day time and diamond jewelry during the night. All brides wear hair jewellery in forms of maang tikka, tiara’s and bor’s that blends with their culture, tradition and most importantly their bridal wear attire.

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