15 Chunky Rose Gold Accessories That Enhance The Beauty Of Indian Skin Tones


Rose Gold Accessories

Quite a feminine touch it has, very trendy and pretty too, but not the easiest tone to match up with, rose gold accessories for long has been a confusing hue for PYTs that want to wear accessories in that shade, but don’t know how to where it trendy.

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Rose Gold Jewelry Trend
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You may have fallen head over heels for a Michael Kors Rose Gold watch, however are hesitant to pick it because you are unsure if it would match your wedding trousseau or not.

Gold accessories for women
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Rose Gold Jewelry Trend – Get To The Experimentations Now

With rose gold accessories, the best part is that the accessory can be worn very close to the skin without hesitation; there goes your fear. It is the first thing that everyone would notice, in addition to the outfit you would flaunt.

Rose Gold Accessories For Women
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Use your love-intuition when picking rose gold accessories, a color that soothes and compliments your skin tone.

Rose Gold Hair Accessories
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We have warm and cool skin tones, and rose gold jewelry chosen in accord to that would be the best thing to do. Here’s how.

Rose gold jewellery
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If You Have Cool Toned Skin

Pick rose gold jewelry trends that have opal, aquamarine, rubies, emeralds, zircon and tanzanite on them for an elegant hue to match your skin tone with to come through.

Rose gold ring
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If You Have Warm Toned Skin

You would want to choose rose gold jewelry trends that have fantastic designs embossed with citrine, alexandrites, morganites, rubies, yellow diamonds and garnets.

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Rose gold chain
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Not Just Silvers And Golds

In Indian homes, mostly we would see the reign of silvers and golds as neutral shades that can be worn with just about anything. While the same is absolutely true, there are gold accessories necklace, earrings, midi rings, wristlets, anklets, kamarbandhs, passas, maangtikkas et al, made in rose gold hues and as fabulous as ever too.

Rose gold necklace and anklets
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You could wear dark shaded stones embossed on rose gold numbers, since the dark hues enrich the brightness of the metal and the richness of the golden hue.

Rose gold bracelet
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The metal itself is a warm colored tone and lesser glaring than that of yellow gold. So if you have to wear gold and don’t want the stereotype hues, choosing rose gold would be your best bet.

Rose gold bracelets
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Why Is Rose Gold Gaining Popularity?

To be honest, the metal shade is an amazing one which helps accentuate the mushy undertones it provides. In addition to that, rose gold can match up with the myriad range of Indian skin tones, and doesn’t look harsh when worn during the day time parties or the night time sagas.

Rose gold bridal accessories
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The hue is soft but it does make a statement, and you can pair it with charcoal shades to khaki, nude to neutrals, corals to turquoise, and browns to coppers and peaches to pinks too.

Gold accessories with rose
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One could also try wearing it as a mix and match routine, for example, gold hair accessories with rose gold wristlets and watches.

Gold Hair Accessories For Indian Weddings
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One could also make a statement wearing long dangling gold hair accessories for Indian weddings, paired with extra long chains for the neck in pure gold. Opulence defined and you would be the stunner for the big day, everyone would be talking about in high notes.

Rose gold sets
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If you are thinking of being the outstanding one amongst friends at your wedding or some special event, it would be the dance of gold accessories for women that would help you stand out and stay pristine!


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