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Colored Contact Lenses To Try For Those With Indian Skin Tone

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Eye Lens Colour For Dark Skin

Colored Contact Lenses Try Out

Coloured contact lenses can add a new dimension to your persona making you appear charismatic. Since contact lenses of varying grades and color are available, the user should choose contacts that harmonizes with her skin tone. Indian women in particular should be very selective when it comes to colored contact lenses. Try out:

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Contact Lenses Colour for Indian Skin

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Colored Contact Lenses For Indian Skin

Though contact lenses of different colors and shades are being retailed, only specific hues are suitable for Indian women. A great majority of Indian women either have a dark or wheatish skin texture. Women in India with a fair skin tone are almost a minority for whom making a choice is relatively easier.

Colored Lenses For Indian Skin Tone

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You’ll find most fair-skinned women wearing either blue, grey, or hazel lenses. It is women with dark, brownish, tanned, or wheatish skin complexion for whom zeroing on an appropriate color can be quite a harrowing experience. Before you decide on the perfect colored lenses for Indian skin to go for, visit an opthalmologist or oculist who can help you out with pinpointing your natural skin tone as per a chart. Next, you’ll set about accomplishing your most important task and that’d be ‘how to choose colored contact lenses in accordance with the texture of your skin.

Blue Color Lenses For Indian Skin

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How To Choose Colored Contact Lens

With respect to colored contact lenses try out, it would be pertinent to mention that the sheer variety of hues and shades in which contacts are obtainable can befuddle you. Contacts are available in pearl gray, jade green, sapphire blue, mild honey, chestnut brown, hazel green, deep blue, hazel, turquoise, grey, brown, and amethyst to name a few. Each of these coloured contacts can mask the original or natural color of your iris changing the appearance of the eyes and lending you a whole new look.

While some colors like blue, brown, and green are more popular worldwide, some tints or shades are chosen after paying heed to numerous aspects and hence, sparingly used. If you choose a color that doesn’t go with the natural tint of your iris and skin tone, then you might appear somewhat weird. More often than not, even your eye makeup can make a lot of difference to how you look with your contacts.

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How To Choose Colored Contact Lens

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Eye makeup can help in masking or counterbalancing the sharp contrast that might result from wearing contacts don’t immaculately gel with your complexion. If you want to save yourself the hassle of choosing from a range of colors that are equally appealing, shortlist your option to just 2-3 shades. In the following paragraphs, the best or most suitable color options for three distinct skin tones that are typical to Indian women have been highlighted.

Eye Lens Color For Wheatish Skin

If your skin has a wheatish complexion, opting for contact with rich overtones of grey would be an intelligent choice. However, you’d have to smear the perfect amount of makeup to carry off your look on the whole without appearing unnatural or out of place. Honey, mild honey, hazel, and greyish brown are some other apposite eye lens colors for wheatish skin.

Eye Lens Color For Wheatish Skin

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Colored Contact Lens For Fair Skin

Fair-skinned ladies have the liberty to choose from an extensive array of colors and shades. For a start, blue, aquamarine, and turquoise are ideal eye lens colors for fair skin. You’ll definitely look stunning if you put on contact lenses of any of the above-mentioned colors and pair these with white or light-colored clothes. Amethyst, purple, aqua, green and blue are other colors that correspond with the fair skin tone. To be specific, if you’ve a fair skin, practically almost all lens colors will be apt for you.

Eye Lens Color For Fair Skin

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Eye Lens Color For Dark Skin

Just because you’ve dark skin, it doesn’t imply that you’ll have to make do with choosing from deep-colored lenses. Settling for autumn, amethyst or honeyed tinges will make you look mischievous. Even selecting from subtle shades of blue, green, or misty grey eye lens color for dark skin will make you appear sexy but stay away from brighter shades of the aforementioned colors.

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