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How to Protect Your Contacts Lenses From Eye Makeup

by Fashionlady

How to Protect Your Contacts Lenses

I have been wearing contact lenses for almost a decade now. Even though I’m far sighted, I feel my eyes are my best features. Even before using contacts, I used to wear slight makeup with eyeliner as a must. And I don’t exactly remember when I had started applying eyeliner, but it’s been long since I’ve been highlighting my lids. I never step out with a dash of liner as I feel my eyes are naked.

Eyeliner rarely disturb your contacts thereby irritating your eyes, but your kajal is outdated or too strong, you can quickly get itching or burning sensation, especially when you’re wearing contacts.

I never had any problem until and unless I started using kajal of a particular brand. i started noticing the day I wore kohl with lens, my eyes used to irritate a lot.

Therefore, I would either wear contacts or kajal. i had to compromise with my beauty routine. This is what I don’t like about my lenses. They are extremely delicate and are supposed to stay in a complete hygienic condition. they moment they come in contact with any foreign particle, everything goes horribly wrong.

contact lens care tips fro makeup

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And when you’re applying other eye makeup items, such as eye shadow, mascara and fake lashes, you need to be extremely careful, as you can be almost blinded by the shimmer of your eye shadow or a drop of mascara seeping into the eyes, creating a cataract effect immediately. Sometimes you get lucky to remove lenses immediately and sometimes you just scream for help as eye becomes quite hurtful even when touched.

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If you’re using contacts then you must be pretty aware of the precautions. Let me add one more layer to your precaution list with some hot tips, thereby helping you not compromise with your beauty regime.

Go through these tips to save your contacts from makeup!

Check out the expiry of your makeup products

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You should never use makeup products, who expiry date is over and when it’s eye makeup, you need to extra mindful. Sometimes, even though expiry date is there, it gets spoiled. Smell your mascara to know if it has become too old. For instance, if it smells like gasoline then it’s time you got rid of it. Too old mascara can create infection, dry flakes and clumps and if you wear contacts then the damage is serious.

Another tip is never pump the brush into the tube as it will forces air in, thereby quickly dying the mascara.


Prep with primer

Use primer before applying eye shadow as it will help the color stay put without spreading to your eyes. Even if you’re not using contacts then also you should always go for primer as it retains moisture to the skin around the eyes.

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Clean your lashes before makeup

It’s wise to keep a tissue under your lashes when you use powder eye shadow. The tissue helps in keeping the debris away from your eyes and secondly, you do not have to use concealer again if it fall on other areas.

Use a clear coat of mascara

Apart from dirt and other particles, your eyes would have many a times bothered by old lashes that fall into your eyes. For this, you can use Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara over your mascara to create an invisible seal to keep the lashes in place.

Hope you found this post useful!

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