Daily Dose of Beauty Product Servings – How Much is Too Much?


Daily Dose of Beauty Product Servings
Did somebody tell you that you have to load on your products to get a daily dose of beauty? Many of us are hardly aware of the fact that it is not actually right to use truckloads of products, whether it is a cream, a lotion or a hair serum. Piling on the products is doing no good except the fact that your favourite beauty product is going to get over a lot faster.

When it comes to using the right beauty products, remember that bigger is not better. Every product is meant to be used in a certain quantity and a little goes a long way. Read on to know how much of daily beauty product servings you really need.

Beauty Product Servings
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For Your Skincare Routine:

1. Sunscreen: One Grape Per Body Part

Ever wondered, how much sunscreen is enough for a day? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need dollops of sunscreen to shield yourself from the sun. The amount of sunscreen that you should ideally be using is just equivalent to that of a grape. So, you should be using ‘grapeful’ of sunscreen for your face, hands and legs-Not more, not less!

Sunscreen One Grape Per Body Part
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2. Moisturizer and Lotions: Two Raisins!

Don’t be amazed! That is actually the amount you should be using on your face. If there is however no even coverage, then you can actually increase it to one more raisin. Don’t lather on moisturizer because too much will also mean that it can become all sticky and oily.

Moisturizer and Lotions Two Raisins
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3. Cleansers: One Hazelnut

Remember the days when you used to pump humongous amounts of cleansers to make your face squeaky clean? Sorry to say, but those days are gone now. This is one of the most common fash washing mistakes we should avoid. Cleansers don’t need to be used in huge amounts. A simple hazelnut size serving can do wonders for your skin. Just use that amount and you are good to go!

Cleansers One Hazelnut
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4. Eye Cream: The Size of one pine nut or supari

Yes, these are the most expensive of the lot and if you have been using more, you were wasting a lot of money! For the cream to be used on the eye, you need very little of it-Just the size of a pine nut. If however you stay in a really dry place, you would need a little more. Also, you have to actually let the product sink in before you go to sleep otherwise most of it will end up on your pillow!


Eye Cream The Size of one pine nut or supari
Source: top10inaction.com

5. Night Cream: The Size of A Blueberry

Night creams too are very expensive and thank god you have to use just a little! Yes, all the night cream you need is just the size of a blueberry! You don’t need more and this much is enough to serve you.

Night Cream The Size of A Blueberry
Source: beaut.ie

Hair care Regime:

1. Shampoo: The Size of a Jamun For Short Hair and Strawberry For Long Hair

Some women swear off shampoo for years together, but don’t worry we aren’t asking you to do that. But simply put, you shouldn’t be using too much shampoo on your hair. Concentrate more on cleaning your roots than lathering your entire hair.

Source: thefitindian.com

2. Conditioner: Size of a cherry for short hair, two raspberries for long hair

In case you didn’t know, too much of a conditioner can actually weigh down your hair. So, you would have to use very little conditioner. But keep in mind the fact that if your hair is too coarse and dry, you may need to use a little bit more.

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