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Decoding Sassy Sonakshi Sinha Fashion, Hair, Makeover And More…

by Fashionlady
Sonakshi Sinha Fashion

Sonakshi Sinha Fashion

If ever someone laughs and jokes at the plus-sized weight you are born with or are bestowed with at the moment, utter the words “khamosh” to them. The reason why we say this is because our team and many other fashionistas out there, believes in every body is a beautiful body mantra, and we mean it too. Proof to the same would be the chic Sonakshi Sinha fashion and makeover we would be talking about today.

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The actress has set herself apart from the run of the mill clandestine divas on the silver screen and loves being herself, comfortable in her own skin. The commandment of Sonakshi Sinha fashion is a simple yet quirky one- it is all about embracing your curves, highlighting them and being happy about the body you have been blessed with.

Sonakshi Sinha Style

Yes, we do promote the concept of being healthy; however, body shaming anyone for that matter a plus sized girl is what fashion is NOT about. Without much ado, here are many reasons why we simply adore Sonakshi Sinha Sashion Style.

Sonakshi Sinha Best Looks

Talking About Sonakshi Sinha Style

When it comes to Sonakshi Sinha style, and yes we know she has all the help to style up and dress chic, but there are days when the actress has to do it on her own. Sonakshi has a voluptuous body, the bust line isn’t too loud and on the face and her hips to the buttock zone is healthily in shape too. Simply put, women and men by nature are drawn to her curvy body, period.

Sonakshi Sinha Fashion Sense

Sonakshi Isn’t Afraid Of Flaunting Her Curves

Don’t be afraid of flaunting your curves, and even in hot pants or tight jeans, the actress does justice in flaunting her beauty. She knows very well how to look haute in Indian wear, western wear or in the bohemian touch too and that’s why her confidence levels are so high. It isn’t easy being plus-sized and the cameras being on you always; but the diva makes it look like a cake walk.

Sonakshi Sinha Dressing

Your Makeup Talks

If you are a plus sized lass and would want a little distraction to come through with what you wear, we would ask you to wear the right makeup. What you need to focus on more with minimal touches are the cheeks, the eyes and the lips. The three most important aspects of makeup and contouring involved can make distractions happen; body to the face.

Sonakshi Sinha Weight Loss

Your Hairdo

Notice how the actress plays with her hair and styles up her updos too? The reason why we say you must pay attention to your hair is because the style makes all the difference. To contour the face and to elongate the neckline, you need to have high updos done; helps create distraction.

Sonakshi Sinha Hairstyle

Stop Being A Low Profiled Damsel

We aren’t asking you to be loud and about wherever you go, but at the same time being low key doesn’t impress anyone personally. If you want heads to turn at your entrée in a positive way, you should have a personality that’s all too pleasing and one that would make you shine out.

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Sonakshi Sinha in jeans

Sonakshi Sinha in polka dot gown

Accessories And The Woman

Chunky charms, beaded tales, stones for ever, diamonds, rubies and pearls, oxidized and silver jewelry or gold and coppers too- you have got to wear them right and in sync with what your ensemble for the occasion would be.

Sonakshi Sinha in denims

Here is why Sonakshi’s fashion sense and her dressing style are loved the most, and that is why the media spoke less of her weight loss, since the diva didn’t bother about weight pangs too much! Need more inspiration? We don’t think so!

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