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8 Designer Makeup Bags And Vanity Boxes To Gift

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Designer Makeup Bags

Designer Makeup Bags

It is time to show some love to the makeup artist who dolls you up. He or she is the one that magically camouflages all skin flaws and also manages to mysteriously transform your look into that of a pearly fairytale princess too.

Designer Cosmetic bags

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From sangeets to mehendi, weddings and post marriage parties to cocktail events and other important occasions, your makeup artist, with their talents and skills brings about the divaish look the world gasps for breath upon seeing. It is thus now your turn to return the favor, and present your makeup artist with one of the chicest designer makeup bags around. A little love goes a long way!

Types of makeup bags

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Take a look at the wonderful designer makeup bags, we bring forth and since you would know best how much the makeup artist at work carries on him or her, choose one that would best suit their needs. Since makeup artists are people who are mostly on the go, they would need a trendy yet very functional makeup bag, and a designer touch brings in the oomph factor for them to flaunt as well. Here are your choices with designer makeup bags, without further ado!

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Always remember to shower some love, and this time while appreciating the hard work your makeup artist puts into dolling up, a range of vanity bags and makeup bags for you to gift them with!

Say Hello Kitty

Cute and chic, made from plastic and very minimalistic in nature, the Hello Kitty designer makeup bag is a gift your makeup artist would surely appreciate. A haute trend this vanity box would be, the cosmetic case has a pretty kitty design and is made from plastic and leather. Quite strong and durable too

Hello Kitty designer makeup bag

Source: aliimg.com

A Bespoke Cambardi Makeup Bag

Born out of love, classy in its appeal and with a steamy trunk to house all things beautiful, the traditional leather touches speaks of elegance and sheen. Keeping in sync with the malletier tradition, the bespoke Cambardi makeup bag in python touches is a must-give!

Cambardi makeup bag

Source: cambardi.com

From the House of D&G

The Dolce & Gabbana pour femme vanity makeup bag is an elegant entrée in 2015, where makeup bags are concerned. Sleek and sexy, stylish and with plenty of compartments within; your makeup artist couldn’t have been luckier than to have this as a gift!

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Dolce & Gabbana pour femme vanity makeup bag

Source: amazon.com

The Grace Avenue Vanity Box

Say hello to style galore and with the Grace Avenue Vanity box, your makeup artist would feel royal when gifted one. Minimal in design with a pretty silver bow on top; when you talk about class, this is the vanity box that epitomizes the same!

Grace Avenue Vanity box

Source: rackcdn.com

Luxurious KC

Made from pure aluminum and silver metal, the finish on this baby is au naturale and quirky. Pink touches with silver edges, classy metal endowments with two compartments to house all things beautiful – need we say more as to why this box should be the ‘gift’!


The Wedding Bridal Vanity Box Cum Bangle Box

For the Indian makeup artist who doles out brides dreams and makes bridal moments happen, apart from carrying makeup and hair products, he or she would need enough room to house bridal accessories too. May we present the idea of gifting him or her the Wedding Bridal Vanity Box Cum Bangle Cosmetics Bag.

Vanity Box Cum Bangle Box

Source: amazonaws.com

Korea Retro Cute Candy Cosmetic Makeup Vanity Bag

From Korea all the way, the cute Korea retro cute candy Cosmetic Makeup vanity bag is for the makeup artist who is always on the run and needs to carry their essentials. Perfect in shape, style and design, beginners would love owning one!

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Candy Cosmetic Makeup Vanity Bag

Source: alicdn.com

Here are few more designer makeup bags

Best makeup bags
Here were eight out of the millions out there when it comes to choosing the right designer makeup bags for your friend – your makeup artist. Go ahead and make this festive season a special one for him or her to remember, choosing one of the best types of makeup bags we’ve shown as gifting options!

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