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4 Different Types Of Shorts: Which To Don When?

by Fashionlady
Types Of Shorts For Ladies

Types Of Shorts

They’re light, they’re comfy, and they’re perfect for the season of summer! Why else are they so great? Well, along with them being airy and cute, they can be conveniently matched with anything and everything! Each summer girls here and there carry their beauty with flair by donning on all sorts of shorts. What’s more; although they fit in a more of a casual demeanor, but a few super slick ones can be put on for parties as well!

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Different Types Of Shorts

Types Of Shorts For Ladies

These fashionable shorts for ladies are a part of a comfortable attire and are of varying lengths (they could even reach down to your knees!). Thus, they can be enrobed by women of all body sizes and ages. The style and collection of shorts is so diverse that no matter what your body type, you can easily find a pair perfect for you! Just bear in mind to select out one that fits in proportionally with your body.

What are the different types of shorts for ladies? Keep reading to find out –

1. The Short Shorts

These shorts, also known as hot pants, are rather teeny-weeny in size (approximately a 5 – inch inseam). Mainly it accentuates the backside and legs region. Composed of nylon, cotton or denim, these shorts are the ideal summer apparel.

types of womens shorts

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It will look fab on girls who have short legs, as it will apparently lengthen their legs and make them look taller. Girls with lean legs should avert from these particular shorts, as it can put the skinny legs in focus.

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fashionable shorts for ladies

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These shorts could be paired with crop tops, tank tops, button down shirts etc. But what’s splendid is that they are great for a day out or beachy sort of garb. Just hop in to some flats and get splashing! For a more party attire pair with glistening top and heels.


Short Shorts for womens

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2. The Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda Shorts are much rather like knee-length trousers with hems; both cuffed and un-cuffed by an inch, just above the knees. They are more of a semi-casual vestment and can look elegant if designed with fancy fabrics and adorn with splendor.

fashionable shorts for Womens

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It will look charming on girls who have either plump legs or a curvy rear, as it will give a definite and toned shape to it. The best part is that there isn’t any body type these shorts don’t go with!
They are more apt for a laid-back or casual day. You could wear them with a breezy top or light jacket and jump in to a pair of wedges. Wonderful for day of travelling or shopping with your gals. Or simply don them with a comfy top and get all your house chores done!

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They will adjust brilliantly with women who have bulgy thighs they wish to conceal. And again, they are suitable for all other body types too! All in all, it gives a slimming effect to your legs.

Wear with any top you want; flowy, printed, plaid, button-down shirt for the look you want. A flawless ensemble for a day out or even a party (if matched up with the right accessories and footwear!). Try tucking in and belting the top you wear, to smarten up the outfit.

Mid-Length Shorts for Womens

Source: glamouritems.com

4. The Knee-Length Shorts

These are the extended version of mid-length shorts and have the effect of helping your legs appear shorter. They have an inseam of about 11 inches and reach down to the knees.

This piece of clothing should not be worn by women that are short, as they make legs appear even shorter. But if you have long legs, you’re good to go! It is especially effective for women who have baggy thighs, as it helps to hide them altogether.

Knee-Length Shorts for Womens

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These shorts would look rad when combined with a pair of wedges to add on that extra length. Furthermore, select out shorts that have a slim cut to help slenderize your legs and again enhance the length. Wear with any top to fit in with the occasion.

These are the 4 main categories of types of women’s shorts, however there are various kinds of shorts assorted in each of these categories. Every one of these shorts can be designed such that it has pleats or is roll-up. They could be cuffed or even in a style of lace. The designs are innumerable.

So now you know which types of shorts goes on which body type, so get shopping!

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