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10 Type Of Clothes That Make You Look Old

by Fashionlady
things that make you look older

Clothes That Make You Look Old

With age you probably start opting for more comfortable and convenient clothes to wear on a daily basis. But, without realizing it you may be beginning to select out clothes that make you look older, committing major wardrobe mistakes. Looking at your current clothes and trying to figure out what we mean? Well, we aren’t saying all the clothes you wear steal your age, but there can be a few pieces.

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wardrobe mistakes

How does this affect you? Not only can it influence your style statement, but the wrong clothes can hold back your career advancements as well. In addition to all this, it will lessen your self-confidence.

Footwear, Clothes And Other Things That Make You Look Old

So what are the pieces of clothing and other things that make you look older and cause you to age more than you already are? Let’s find out the fashion blunders!

1. Baggy Pants

As you age your rear begins to flatten gradually. This is the reason that pants fit loosely in the back region. What’s more wearing pants that are pleated at the front doesn’t look too good on women. This is why baggy or loose pants should be avoided. Donning clothes that are fitting properly on your body will add a slenderizing effect and make you look younger.

how to look younger

2. Turtlenecks

Wearing a turtleneck attracts all the attention towards your cheek, which if you’re aging will seem to slightly sag. The better alternative is enrobing a scarf, which in turn will make you look slimmer and taller. Plus, they are much more light and convenient to bedeck.

Ways to look younger

3. Sneakers

This is something the young girls get away with, and it gives the care free aura from them. Although, you want your feet to be able to breathe comfortably but there are better options than sneakers. For instance, low heeled pumps with cushioned soles or wedge soled shoes.

Footwear That Make You Look Older

4. Nude Stockings

The style of wearing nude stockings or tights is now completely out of date. What looks better is either dark colored tights, opaque ones or no stockings at all! In the summer’s you could get a light tan or wear a pair of nude fishnet tights, capris or tights.

Best Wyas To Look Younger

5. Badly Fitted Bra

Your bra size adjusts as your body changes. And this why a bra that isn’t fitted well can alter your overall look. Get your bra size determined first and then select out a bra to make your clothes appear good on it. With the right bra you can get your body to feel younger and more attenuate.


things that make you look old

6. Cardigans

For older women a cardigan doesn’t complement the whole getup. Although, it is a splendid layering option for the days of autumn, it just doesn’t give proper shape to your overall figure. To make it worse, on tying a cardigan at your waist augments their size and makes them appear bulkier. What’s preferred is putting on a blazer or jacket.

High Waist Peg Leg Jeans That Make You Look Old

8. Socks

Avert from wearing socks for the same reason as that of sneakers. Socks should be worn with comfy shoes only during working out or going to the gym. Wear sandals or slippers with complacent soles so that you don’t have to wear socks with them.

best things that make you look older

9. Antique Handbag

Still carrying around a bag that seems vintage to you but actually isn’t? For example, the classic organizer bag or something along those lines can ruin your look altogether. Go purchase a sophisticated and modernized bas such as a leather bag or cross body one.

Type Of Clothes That Make You Look Old

10. Old Fashioned Specs

There is no problem if you still go for glasses instead of lenses, that’s per your convenience. But the problem arises when you don’t select out a pair of specs that suit your face, or opt for out of date styles. Go to a reputed eyewear store and take your time choosing out the frame that suits you and makes your face look younger.

Fashion Blunder

Apart from all these fashion updates we suggest that you choose colors of clothes that make you seem bright and lively, such as hues of blue or red. Also, keep your eyebrows nice and thick. Extra thin eyebrows add age to your face. And in the dire need of looking youthful, don’t end up wearing stuff that is completely swank and uncomfortable.

Try and follow these simple tips and avoid all the things that make you look older.

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