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Summer Wedding Makeup For Bridesmaids

by Fashionlady
Summer Makeup Looks

Wedding Makeup For Bridesmaids

It is an honor to be someone’s bridesmaid, especially when that someone is your childhood bestie tying the knot this summer. To be a bridesmaid means to be one of the chosen ones your bestie trusts and bestows her life on. That being said, you have got to dress right for the wedding, since after the bride, most eyes would be on you.

From formal Indian gowns and sarees to the wedding makeup for bridesmaids, everything has to be right. We hate to see bridesmaids dressed up and with makeup slapped on their face, just because they feel if they went over the top, the show for the night would be stolen by them. We aren’t asking you to hire the extra services of the bridal makeup artists to get the right wedding makeup for bridesmaids done. Rather, we are here to help you find the best wedding makeup for bridesmaids, with tips on keeping the look minimal yet chic for the summer wedding.

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Summer wedding makeup for bridesmaids

What You Need To Understand About Bridesmaid Summer Makeup Looks!

1. Break the myth of the makeup for bridesmaids need to be the same tone and hue as that of the bridesmaids dress. This doesn’t have to be the case, since makeup is meant to make you look gorgeous, whilst complimenting the outfit.
Bridesmaid Summer Makeup

2. Shades that are apt and those which compliment your features, should be worn. Now this doesn’t mean you should wear the same shade of makeup as the bride, or the intensity for that matter.

Bridal makeup for bridesmaids

3. Be in sync with the other girls around that are chosen as bridesmaids for the formal event, and for the reception you could change the look. Maybe you could try a bold smokey eye with a gorgeous saree, whilst others try the bronze look or the nude eyes.


summer makeup tips for womens

4. With lipsticks, one of the summer makeup looks we would like to flaunt this time would be nudes to peaches, pinks to dark reds, berries to plums and with a touch of shimmer for the mid-day wedding sagas that go late into the night.
summer makeup

5. Brides and their bridesmaid entourages never should wear the same shade, unless of course it is a mutual understanding that the bride wants her girls to follow the color theme of the wedding. In that case, playing with neutral tones in makeup would be the safest thing to do, since Indian brides mostly doll up in warm tones.

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summer wedding makeup tips

6. The makeup on a bridesmaid should never ever be louder and very intense in hue in comparison to that of the bride. This would be an overshadowing act on your part, and not so right to do!

summer makeup tips

7. Not too bold and not too loud, just perfect for the eyes to catch and the hue to stay intense, your eyes should play it soft and powdery for the day, with a little shimmer added for the night time affair.

9. Hair wise, it would be great to wear fishbraids and waves, rather than an updo. The Indian bride mostly would have an updo or a high ponytail, which is why fishbraids the Grecian way would be an awesome chic hair statement to make at the wedding along with the fabulous makeup for bridesmaids.

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makeup for bridesmaids

All in all, it is wise to sit with the bride and choose a look, in sync with the color theme of the wedding and the bridesmaid ensemble chosen. Work out a mutual look and use our makeup tips for summer wedding, so that no one steals the show for anyone. We hope you liked this post and if you have more advise and tips for summer makeup tips that bridesmaids can use, please do write in!

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