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DIY Korean Skin Care Routines And 5 Important Skin Commandments To Follow!

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diy korean skin care

korean skin care routine

So youthful and ever glowing, the Korean Skin Care Routine has promises for PYTs in India galore. Bringing the tiny nation onto the world map of beauty and all things chic, Koreans are known to spend a lot of time on beauty regimes and the famous DIY Korean Skin Care Routine that gives them an everlasting radiant glow.

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Korean Skin Care Routine

Skin conscious for sure, the average homemaker in Korea doesn’t think twice when making an investment in the Korean Skin Care Routine; she wants her applauds and beautiful skin at the same time, and such a demand doesn’t kill anyone!

Korean Skin Care

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If you take a look into the vanity case of Korean women, you would find a range of skincare products, chic cosmetics and even holistic beauty doses that pamper and nourish their skin. And today, we would want to share a few secrets and commandments with regard to the famous Korean Skin Care Routine our lovely sisters in Korea follow- please read on!

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Best Korean Skin Care Routines

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Beauty Is Serious Business In Korea

The regime of DIY Korean skin care isn’t taken lightly amongst the Korean women, and you can say it is a religious routine they follow each day. Before calling it a day, cleansing oil is used with a branded cleanser or a homemade one, to remove makeup remnants from their face. Most look at coconut oil for an answer, which not only removes the makeup but helps restore the natural oil balance of the skin and hydrates the face too. Grime, dirt and makeup are removed with the help of coconut oil, almond or even olive oil. The last rinse is always done, to ensure no clogged pores stay; allowing the skin to breathe easy while one sleeps at night.

diy korean skin care Products

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Face Masks

Ever noticed how youthful and vibrant the skin texture of our Korean sisters is? Courtesy the facial masks they use, which brings about a refreshed look and a rejuvenated one too. Should you be a victim to pesky pimples and acne, a good facial massage using green tea and milk should be used. Mix a cup of green tea leaves, a cup of milk powder and a little water- form the three into a coarse paste. Apply the paste all over the face, the forehead and the neck and leave it on for half an hour. Once semi-dry, wash the face mask off and dab with a cold damp towel. The antioxidants found in green tea helps nourish the skin and fights the onslaught of free radicals too.


how to make korean skin care at home

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Once again, talking about the Korean skin care routine we notice how the Korean women don’t allow the summer sabotage take toll on their skins. This is because they moisturize even when the hot humid days are on, which helps keep the skin elastic and firm to touch and feel. DIY ways involve the use of ginseng, macadamia oils and sqauline too. Just two drops of these oils (solo), and applied on the face, helps make the facial features glow and stay healthy.

korean skin care secrets

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Commandments To Follow

While you learnt today about green tea face masks and massages and how to make Korean skin care at home a reality, here are the commandments to religiously abide by!

  1. Always clean your face, starting from the jawline to the centre and then all the way out.
  2. Focus on the neck by using a cream from the jawline to the area of the décolletage forming the alphabet C.
  3. Dab a little lotion for the face first on your palms, and wait for a couple of seconds. This allows the cream to warm up in your palms, and when pressed together, the cream would absorb well into every layer of the skin
  4. Never use the same DIY skin care routine after two months, and certainly don’t do it for a year at a stretch
  5. When caring for the face with a mask or a massage, always go for a two-toned regime. Start by cleaning the face with the help of a mask, and then apply another mask to help nourish the skin.
Skin Care Routines

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So here were the tips on Korean skin care routines to use and abide by, and tips on how to make Korean skin care at home a reality too. We hope you enjoyed this post as much as we enjoyed serving it to you! Stay gorgeous!

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