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World Beauty Secrets From All Over That Pyts In India Should Try At Least Once!

by Fashionlady
World Beauty Secrets

World Beauty Secrets

Listen up PYTs and we mean seriously listen up! Diwali and the festivities are right round the corner, and while you are busy deciding what to wear, what to eat and the works, we would want you to look drop dead gorgeous, sans the splurge if you know what we mean.

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Beauty Tips For Women From Around The World

Now if you have been looking at international glossy magazine covers and going gaga over them. Newsflash girls, there’s too much of photoshop happening these days. But all hope isn’t lost and we do not want to dampen your spirit. This is why, we have scourged the net high and low and hereby bring to you world beauty secrets, you can DIY and play around with, absolutely safe and holistic in practice.

Beauty tips for women

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From France with love, and if you want the glowing radiant skin our French sisters have, play along with a lot of milk. Thanks to the abundance of lactic acid in milk, exfoliation is done best and safe. You would need a cup of milk to wash your face and hands with, with a tablespoon of honey for hydration and moisturizing too. Apply it on the skin and wait for ten minutes, washing it off with plain cold water thereafter!

International beauty tips

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From china with an embrace of love, if you wish to get rid of wrinkles, stretch marks and saggy remnants on the skin, the answer would be camellia oil. Apply the oil as a massage, twice a day to the area most needed and watch how in a week those ugly marks vanish! No more wrinkles, no more discoloration of the skin and certainly no more stretch marks to deal with! One of the best beauty tips for women to use!

International beauty secrets

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Moroccan beauties, OMG! Well they use argan oil in most of their beauty treatments and cosmetics, and thus no surprise when we watch them onscreen. Argan oil has medicinal properties that double up as a moisturizer. Two teaspoons of the oil is more than enough to massage onto the neck and the face, leaving it overnight, only to be washed away the next morning. Do this everyday and watch how your skin glows! You can do the same treatment for your hair- parlor visits be so passe now!

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World beauty benfits

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There is something mystical, sensual and very beautiful in the waters of Brazil it seems. Have you seen the hot bodies and sexy tan skin on Brazilian women? How do they manage to have babies and no stretch marks, no cellulite and always stay in the finest shape? The answer is a dose of massage using essential oils found in their kitchens. A massage a day is what makes them so flawless and haute.

Massage for women

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Dandruff be gone and for good, and let’s learn it from the Australians this time. Two drops of tea tree oil when immersed into your conditioner and applied using the reverse hair wash method, helps do away with dandruff for good.

Tea tree oil

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New Zealand

New Zealanders use manuka honey to help heal their skin issues, because it has the power to fight bacteria and microbes, fungus and other skin ailments too. You can consume a teaspoon of the honey to boost the immune system too. Kick start your mornings with a dose of manuka honey in fresh lime water! Awesome international beauty tips from New Zealand, isn’t it!

Manuka honey

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Mind blowing we say when we look at the skin on Japanese women. Porcelain beauties and so flawless, it seems they work really hard on their beauty upkeep. But remember, the Japanese are known to be gentle with their looks, and hence use the paste of green tea as a mask twice a week for exfoliation and hydration needs. The antioxidants found in matcha green tea helps fight the onslaught of free radicals, prevent signs of ageing, and bring down the occurrence of wrinkles and more. Moreover, when consumed, the tea helps lower blood pressure levels in the body, detoxifies the system and also works on sugar levels too.

Green tea mask for face

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Dark circles are hardly seen on the Spanish chicas, because they use raw slices of radish and potato for ten minutes everyday. The starch content in the tuber roots help fade away the dark circles, lightens the skin and brings about a natural glow too.

World wide beauty tips

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Dominican Republic

For healthy nails that don’t chip or break easily, the women of Dominican Republic use garlic bits added to their nail polish. The mixture when used doesn’t smell at all, rather it helps strengthen the nails and keeps them safe too.

Garlic bits for nails

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How can we forget our own skin and hair beauty secret, and this time with coconut oil? A tablespoon of warm coconut oil when massaged into the hair helps keep the shine and sheen, prevents itchy scalp and irritation, and no dandruff to set shop too. In addition to that, a teaspoon of coconut oil can help bring back the glow to the face, when massaged and left into the skin overnight!

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Beauty secrets world wide

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Here were the world beauty secrets we managed to find for you, and hope you start from now. Do you have tips and secrets to share – do write in!

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