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Do You Really Know How To Apply Sunscreen

by Fashionlady
How Often To Apply Sunscreen

How To Apply Sunscreen

Summers are finally on us, giving the season of blossoms a miss. And this is the time we would be thinking of organizing pool parties, beach outings, picnics by the lake and the rivers or even getting cozy while the sun shines bright at the local parks. But wait, have you worn your sunscreen today? Before that do you know how to apply sunscreen? There are serious consequences in not wearing it, and not wearing sunscreen the right way.

How Often To Apply Sunscreen

If you don’t know the importance of wearing sunscreen or how to apply sunscreen or how often to apply sunscreen, chances are you are putting your skin into major jeopardy.

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Stop With That Overexposure

We cannot but wear those sexy rompers and hot pants, tank tops and tees for the summer months, but our skin is being overexposed too. Too much skin exposure and not knowing how to apply sunscreen, can be reasons enough why the skin would be beaten to death. From unwanted sunburns to premature skin ageing, skin cancers to wrinkling and more, your skin would take the brunt of every element thrown at it- the UV rays included.

what is spf

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You could Get Melanoma!

If you don’t know how to apply sunscreen or how often to apply sunscreen, chances are that you are wearing it wrong. This means, you could be victim and prey to the serious skin condition known as melanoma. Melanoma is left unnoticed and unchecked can lead to skin cancers, which can be fatal. The condition spreads rapidly and it happens because of the harmful UV rays of the sun. This is why we insist on wearing SPF 45 based sunscreen that keeps the skin protected and fights against tanning too.

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How And Where To Apply Sunscreen

Learn more about what is spf, while we focus more on how to wear sunscreen today.


1. Before you leave home, give yourself half an hour to apply sunscreen and to wait for the goodness to soak into the skin.

2. After you swim or exercise, it would be wise to apply sunscreen again

3. If you know that the job you are in makes you stay outdoors mostly; wear sunscreen

4. Shake the bottle well and then apply sunscreen; dab pinches of it on each spot of the skin and then massage gently

5. Don’t miss out behind the ears, the shoulder bones and the knees too; here are spots often ignored but need sunscreen touches for protection

Apply Aunscreen

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6. When picking sunscreen, you would need a formula that is rich in UVA and UVB, and SPF 15 or above.

7. A mattifying or a waterproof sunscreen is what would be best for oily skin women, and for normal to dry, one should use honey based moisturizer and sunscreen lotions.

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Also know about the best time to apply sunscreen and where to apply sunscreen, which makes a lot of difference when caring and protecting the skin is concerned. Since we live in the harshest of summer climes at the moment and the sun doesn’t spare us, we would advise staying indoor as much as possible, especially between eleven in the morning till four in the afternoon. This is a time when the radiation of the sun is at its peak. However, for any reason if you have to be out, it would be wise to wear shades on the eyes, protective clothing and use HIGH SPF based sunscreen.

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