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Don’t Flip It Up: Top 10 Rules to Follow When Wearing Flip-Flops

by Fashionlady
Don’t Flip It Up Top 10 Rules to Follow When Wearing Flip-Flops

Rules to Follow When Wearing Flip-Flops
Since U.S President Barrack Obama decided to wear flip-flops while vacationing- the humble footwear has gained prominence amongst fashionistas and the commoners alike. But wait, you just cannot wear them anywhere and any time- you’ve got to play the fashion cards well; unless of course you’ve been ill off late and still need your legs to gain foothold. So here are the rules, the do’s and don’ts when wearing flip-flops from now on.

1. For home- YES

Your house, your rules and do whatever it is you want- wear your flip-flops and care less about the time of the day or the night. Bother lesser to who comes visiting or what you do to make money; flip-flops in your own private Idaho is okay to wear, flaunt and walk around in.

For home YES

Source: sitegonebad.com

2. After a pedicure- YES

Please, please for the love of humanity get a pedicure done- need we say more! Flip-flops look cool when the feet are shapely and clean; imagine dirty toe-nails and cracked heels staring at you!

After a pedicure-YES

Source: pedicure.com

3. For a vacation- YES

So if you are vacationing somewhere exotic and nice – flip-flops are your BFFs to tag along. This is when you wouldn’t have to answer your boss, you do not have to shave your legs and your hair can be messy. You can wear what you want and have a break too- Goa, Hawaii, Mauritius anywhere; flip-flops are you!

For a vacation-YES

Source: blogspot.com

4. Flip-flops for work- NO

‘NO’ MEANS NO! You could be a lifeguard or maybe a waitress at the beach bar- it could be casual Friday or you maybe Hawaiian for all we care, the answer is still a NO- zip it!

Flip flops for work-NO

Source: cereusart.com

5. To a bar or disco- NO

Remember, these are places that are usually crowded and you do not want to be unsightly; worse still being stomped and stamped upon. What if you get a little more than tipsy and the shards of broken glass pieces on the flow cut your feet? Most bars, pubs and discos have no provisions for emergencies- don’t flip it up for the gang who wants to enjoy- the answer is NO!


To a bar or disco-NO

Source: cdn.shopify.com

6. To a formal do- NO

Let’s make a list here- bar mitzvahs, social dinners and lunches, funerals and weddings and the works on the same lines- the answer is NO. It is a formal occasion and not a fancy dress event; even at the latter events you shouldn’t be caught in flip-flops, unless of course you plan your theme on the beach lines. Wear your big-boy shoes and heels to formal events please.

To a formal do-NO

Source: bestdestinationwedding.com

7. When meeting your IN LAWS for the first time – NO

Even if the meeting is at a pool party or on the beach; the feet look best with sandals or nothing at all.

When meeting your IN LAWS for the first time-NO

Source: photobucket.com

8. Rubber flip-flops- NO

Snakeskin or plastic flip-flops are fine, rubber isn’t! The latter for a car wash is okay, but when on the beach or a private pool party- embellished with rhinestones, such flip-flops make a statement; rub off the rubber ones please!

Rubber flip flops-NO

Source: moeloco.com

Crocs or flip flops

Source: pinimg.com

We hope you now know the etiquettes of wearing flip-flops; the where, when and with all told. Make no more mistakes and be the fashionable chic diva they all think of you to be!

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