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Easiest Way To Apply False Lashes

by Fashionlady
Way To Apply False Lashes

Applying eye lashes is a technique in itself and most of us are yet to master this art. Wrong application of lashes can altogether ruin one’s semblance. Worry not, as we can assure you that learning how to apply false lashes is not a rarity. This art can actually make one’s eyes look wider and also can add on a dramatic flair which is hard to accomplish with just the mascara application. One can really step out with these falsies for special occasions as it brings life and charm to the eyes.

To help you, this video has rounded up all best false eyelashes starting from cat eye lashes to twiggy lashes. But before that, read along to determine the false eyelashes that suit your eye shape and snack on the few hacks for the perfect natural flawless finish.

Eye Shape

It is important to identify one’s eye shape in order to find out which best false eyelashes suits right. Here is one insight we would like to share with you that might help you decide. For deep set eyes, try lashes that are longer towards the center. It can help create an illusion of visible brow bone. For down turned eyes, try shorter strips that are longer in outer corners. It can help lift the eyes. For hooded eyes, try thin strip lash of shorter length to make the eyelid creases visible. For prominent eyes, try to balance top lashes and bottom using strip lashes to give the illusion of eyes pushed back.

Peeling Lashes From Box

This is one of the crucial steps on how to apply false eyelashes. The right and left lash signs are not marked inside all boxes. To identify, hold the packet with falsies facing outwards under your nose. While removing, peel off from outer edge and not from inner corner. Use tweezers or finger tips to gently place back the lashes inside the box.

Lash Measurement

First bring the strip lash along lash line to check the length and whether it needs to be trimmed to size. Remember the strip must start from the line where eyelashes begin. Do not get too close to the inner corners as it might lead to irritation. Next, mark outer corner by taking two to four lashes inwards to determine where the lashes must end.

Glue Application

Apply thin layer of glue following a dot to dot regime all along the lash line starting from one corner to the other. For dramatic long lasting effect, try double adhesive trick i.e., simply apply glue dots along lash line and lashes both.

This is one of the best ways to apply artificial eyelashes for effective and flawless look. In the video, you will get to watch how to try out different versions of best false lashes. Mentioned below are the steps on how to achieve each of these looks.


Step 1: Cut the fake lashes in asymmetrically and use the shorter end

Step 2: Apply lash glue on the shorter end and wave until glue is tacky enough

Step 3: Lay this strip along the lash line

Step 4: Use mascara free-wand to blend it in

Twiggy Lashes

Step 1: Trim lashes according to the shape of your eye

Step 2: Now apply the lash glue and wave until glue is tacky

Step 3: Lay this strip along your lash line

Step 4: Use mascara free-wand to blend it in neatly

Step 5: Apply bottom strip under the lashes

Step 1: Apply mascara to your natural lashes

Step 2: Glue in 3-4 lashes on a diagonal to the highest point of your brow. Avoid adding individual lashes to the outer corner of the eye.

Removal Tricks

Remember to remove false lashes before taking off any other eye makeup. Use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to soften the glue. Dab the cotton swab along the lash lines to help loosen glue and reduce stickiness. Slowly peel off the strip keeping your eyes open working from inner corner to outer corner of the eye.

These are few tips and tricks to achieve natural looking false eyelashes. We hope this edition will help you get over the fear of using false lashes. We are hoping to hear from you both your best and worst eye lash moments!


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