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Ever Heard Of Sparkling Water For Skin? Here’s What This Beauty Magic Can Do!

by Fashionlady
Parkling water for skin for women

Parkling water for skin

Your boyfriend or husband isn’t going to understand this, but we really want you to do so. So here goes why you should now invest in sparkling water for skin. Taking a cue from the many spas in the west; the west took it from Korea, who took it from Japan – sparkling water for skin treatments has been the norm for many decades. This is a treatment where the skin aesthetician would soak the face in sparkling water for skin (with cotton pads) and then dab the skin with it sans the tugging and rubbing. This is done after you cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin at night.

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Why Is It So Popular In Korea?

Korean beauty treatments are popular worldwide, and the use of mineral water in that country is more than just for drinking purposes. Women use mineral water in their DIY face packs and bath waters too, and in some cases, for their hair as well. This is because, it has been proven that carbonated water skin care is actually a healthier way to maintain the pH balance of the skin and its overall health as well. The sparkling water regime helps benefit the skin and nourishes it in more ways than one.

Carbonated water skin care

How Does Your Skin Feel?

Using carbonated water for skin, one would feel warmth on the skin with a fizzy tingle touch. It wouldn’t hurt the skin at all, and the tingly feel is funny at first but your skin would get used to it.

Carbonated water for skin

Can Any Skin Type Use This Method?

Since using sparkling water is a beauty regime, it can be used for all skin types. However, if you have sensitive skin, it would be wise to seek the help of a skin aesthetician first and then do the same at home. Do not overdo the regime with sparkling water for face, because anything in excess would be harmful.

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Sparkling water for face

Using Carbonated Water For Face Results In The Below Benefits:

  1. It is simple
  2. It isn’t time consuming
  3. Helps keep the collagen fibres in between your cells strong
  4. Makes the face nice and plump
  5.  Makes the face firm
  6. Helps clean the pores sans the harshness
  7. No irritation to the skin
  8. Can be done once a day everyday
  9. Isn’t expensive
  10. Natural glow to the skin possible!

Carbonated water for face

The Much Talked About Sparkling Water Face Bath

Also known as the carbonated water face bath, the simple beauty regime comprises a part of carbonated water and a part of mineral water. Place 1:1 ratio of the liquids in a bowl and soak a cotton pad into it. Remove the pad and squeeze out the water gently and then dab onto the skin and the neck. Remember, the skin should first be cleansed with a deep cleanser and then the sparkling water regime should be done, followed by toning and moisturizing of the skin.

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Benefits of washing face with soda water

You don’t have to dab the cotton for more than ten seconds; thumb rule here would be to keep dabbing as long as you naturally can hold your breath, no more and no less.

Can I Use Regular Sparkling Water Instead Of Sparkling Mineral Water?

What’s the difference you ask? There are minerals in sparkling mineral water that helps keep the health status of the skin in its prime, in comparison to regular sparkling water which doesn’t have the same qualities. This is why it is suggested to use an equal measure of the two and not just one. Minerals in the sparkling water would help dilute the fizz of the sparkling water, which otherwise can be too tingly to the skin. You may use carbonated water, but only with an equal mix of regular sparkling mineral water.

Benefits of washing face with soda water for women

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