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Eyebrow Trimming Rules You Need To Know

by Fashionlady
Eyebrow Trimming Rules

Light makeup in the summer combined with gloss on the lips and sparkling mascara will keep you feeling confident all day. In fact, you are likely to turn a few heads. But have you remembered to round of your looks by taking care of your eyebrows? Eyebrow care, though neglected by many, it is a beauty ritual you cannot afford to ignore. Surprisingly, it’s these brows that give your face a stately look more than the make-up you wear.

Eyebrow Trimming Rules

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Whether you let your eyebrows to grow without trimming or you are an ardent fan of eyebrow trimmer, you will influence how your make up job ends up looking. There are options that include: trimming, plucking or waxing. If you want to enjoy the neat and confidence packed appearance, your eye brows need attention. If eyebrow trimming is new to you, you can consider a stylist’s input before you start the DIY from your home. First of all, your brows shouldn’t take up the unibrow look. If left to overgrow, especially by men, they end up looking like they are connected above the ridge of the nose.

It’s important to know what works in such a scenario. You can use clippers to cut a distinct space that is an inch or so in width. If they are almost connecting, it could form an awful look. The process of trimming and taming brow hairs isn’t as complicated as it looks. But you need to have the right tools. Eyebrow trimmers, tweezers and clippers will do the job. If you are not sure about your skill, hair stylists with a specialty for facial hairs can help you off to a good start.

Ideally, trimming your eyebrows isn’t as involving as it seems. You can check on overgrown strands to cut them to size. You can use tweezers to pluck them out. It’s not a random case job. You need to tweeze out the hairs to the direction of overall hair growth. Don’t pull hair out haphazardly, but do it carefully such that you don’t leave broken pieces attached to your brow skin. You can use the waxing option, but it requires a professional hand and some courage.

If your eyebrow hairs have grown out, they may start looking unsightly. You need a good trimmer to bring them back down to sanity. If you choose tweezing or plucking, the best time to do it is after a shower. Warm bath water helps relax the follicles and allows you to pluck out strands comfortably.

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Align Your Brows with Your Face Shape:

If you are doing the eye brow setting or plucking on your own, there are rules to work with. Before you follow a designated arch, make sure your face is a guiding factor. You can use a brow pencil to draw lines that will guide the exercise.

Tweeze In Good Lighting

Tweezing at home means you have to be precise with everything you do. After your shower, make sure you are carrying out the task in a well-lit area. Never try to guestimate or work in dimply lit rooms. You will end up with eyebrows that display an asymmetrical outcome. Natural light is even better. A handheld mirror and concentration will help you see each and every strand you need to pluck.

Trim Your Eyebrows

Your eyebrows will sport that dazzling appearance, if you consider trimming them. You can use the best eyebrow trimmers, if your scissor pair doesn’t work as expected. When you brush the brows upwards, it’s easy to notice hair strands that are out of proportion. It’s these hairs that need to be cut clean. Trim sparingly at first since you don’t want to hew off a great mound of hair only to realize that you have damaged the brow. Later, when you feel you have the confidence of handling tweezers or a trimmer, you can try out cutting and styling the brows and see the kind of results you end up with.

The need to trust a professional in the eyebrow shaping docket needs no emphasis. You need not be sorry, if you feel nervous and shaky at first. This is the best time to leave the pros to work on you. Take all the lessons you need home. If anything, you will need them later.

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