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Fall in Love with Your Body – Love Thyself First

by Fashionlady
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How To Love Yourself
Every woman needs to learn to love herself – flaws and all. We women are too often overly critical of ourselves. We compare our body with that of others and always seem to manage to find a thousand things that are wrong with us. All that self-loathing is definitely not good for our self-esteem. It’s high time that we learned to love our body just the way it is.

The next time you berate yourself about your weight gain or about what you consider your ‘not-so-impressive’ feature, remind yourself of the following reasons to love your body.

I Am So Fat

The next time you look in the mirror and think you’re fat, instead of wallowing in self-pity, steer your thoughts to a positive note. ‘’I am fat, yes, but that just means my kids love hugging me. They feel warm and cocooned when I envelop them in my arms.’’

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Ways to fall in love with yourself

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I Am So Ugly

Anytime you think you’re ugly, remind yourself that society’s beauty standards do not apply to you. Just because you suffer from acne or your teeth are not perfect does not mean you are ugly. Think of all the ways in which you help other people and make their lives better. Do you think those people care that you have acne? Do you think it makes any difference to them that you do not look like a movie star? Nope. They are just happy that you are there for them. Your loved ones do not care about your looks. They care about what kind of a person you are. Aim to be a loving, kind person instead of a beautiful person, that way your life will be more meaningful.


Who to Fall in Love with First

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I Have Stretch Marks

When you hide your stretch marks because you are embarrassed of them, ask yourself this: Are your proud of your kid? Are you proud of the fact that you carried your baby in your womb for nine months? Are you proud of the agonizing pain you went through during your pregnancy to bring your baby into this world? If you’re proud of all that, then why shouldn’t you be proud of your stretch marks? Those are scars that provide testament to your joy of motherhood. Your body went through so many changes so that you could bring a new life to the world. Be proud of them!

Reasons To Love Your Stretch Marks

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I Am Too Short

Since when is your height a factor in deciding your self-worth? Society is so harsh with women. It condemns some women as being too short and some others as being too tall. Do not fall prey to their impossible ideals. If you’re too short, then you would do well to remember that some of the most vivacious women are short. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. Eva Longoria and Reese Witherspoon were considered ‘too short’ by Hollywood standards. But they didn’t let that frazzle them for sure.

Ways To Fall In Love With Your Life

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Only when you love yourself for who you are can you expect other people to love you. When you are steeped in insecurities and self-doubts, you will not open up your heart to others. So let go of all the things that you think you hate about your body and try looking at the positive side of them. Be true to yourself and you will find that life is infinitely better. Our looks do not define who we are as a person. Have you never met someone who is so pretty but is a horrible person underneath? Do you pick your friends for who they are as a person or for their looks? I’ll leave you with a Marilyn Monroe quote that reminds of an important life lesson: to live for ourselves and not for others.

Fall In Love With Your Body Now

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