Fashion Designer Asmita Marwa’s Style – Straight From Her Instagram


Fashion Designer Asmita Marwa Style

Most of you know her for her designs, and few of you know her for who she really is. But at the end of the day, all of us know her and love her for the person that she is, for the charm that she exhibits and for how graceful she is. Always.

You know, there was a time when people would say, judge a man by his shoes? Well, gone are those days. In today’s world, we say, judge a man/woman by her Instagram roll.

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As silly as it may sound, going by someone’s Instagram roll is like looking at the world with their eyes. They only capture things that they like and share things which they aren’t afraid of. So technically, Instagram is like a window to a man’s mind.

Well.. Enough with the philosophy. Let’s see how gorgeous Asmita Marwa is!

1. She spots headgear with real charm

Fashion Designer Asmita Marwa’s Style

2. This is how she spices up a plain maxi

Asmita Marwa style

3. Totally not afraid to experiment!

Asmita Marwa instagram

4. She knows how to knot her maxi

Fashion designer Asmita

5. And how to don a mini dress – love the ankle booties!

Asmita mini dress


Fashion Designer Asmita Marwa’s Style

9. Another Kurta worn with shorts

Asmita in Kurta

10. Here’s a plain maxi, styled with headgear to look amazing!

Asmita in maxi

Now, we have given you 10 pictures of Ms. Marwa’s fashion. We love her!


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