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Fashion Guidance On How To Dress For Fashion Week

by Fashionlady
What To WearWwhen Attending A Fashion Show

How To Dress For Fashion Week

If there is anything that helps you show off your street style and gets you noticed by fashion editors in just a week’s time, it’s got to be the fashion week. Your fashion enemies closely watch all that you are wearing and not wearing. Plus it helps you sort of ‘arrive’ in the fashion circuit. The runways are always beaming with couture and ready-to-wear designs. Mind you, even the attendants are capable of setting the latest trends.

This takes me to the next question. When you have to go to a glam party where you will rub shoulders with stylishly dressed people, who love to show off their skin, have profuse tastes and thin legs, how are you going to blend in? It means you need to know how to dress for fashion week well in advance, sweetie. Things like what to wear when attending a fashion show and outfits to wear to a fashion show should be at the back of your palm.

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Here Are Some Tips On What To Wear When Attending a Fashion Show

So here I go guiding you on what to wear to a fashion show 2016. In other words what to wear to a fashion show event and what to wear to a fashion show in winter, so that you get seen as the ‘It’ girl.

Stick To Looking Casual

The first thing to remember on dressing for fashion week is that you are a part of the show, not the superhot model walking on the ramp. You are just there to enjoy the party with the fashion bloggers and fraternity so there is no need to look a million dollars yourself, even if the outfits, jewellery or accessories being shown are extremely expensive.

Your low-profile won’t help you get scanned by the camera, so just go with the flow and enjoy the show.

Outfits To Wear To a Fashion Show

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Know Your Tailor

The worst thing to come across at the fashion show is seeing a woman getting out of a cab in garments which either look too large or small than her usual size. Blazers that are extra loose or pants that look painted when they should not have been done can land you in a fashion mess. The same thing is with getting pocket bulges and sleeves.


So it is important to get your pants or skirts fit you like a glove personally by your tailor.

Ways To Wear To a Fashion Show

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Stay Away From Spending A Fortune

So what if the couture pieces on the ramp are costly like hell, the ensemble you wear as a Fashion Attendee or Invitee should not cost you a fortune. It makes sense to put in that whopping amount to buy an investment piece or buy an outfit that you will keep wearing not once but many times in your lifetime.

Sunglasses Nah!

Wearing sunglasses to the fashion week are fine to complement your pout, but heavens don’t make the mistake of wearing them during the fashion show. Since the lighting is pretty dim at fashion venues particularly evening shows, why feel uncomfortable wearing sunshades when you can look better without them.

What To Wear To a Fashion Show Event

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Accessories Are Not Trivial But Important

While I have asked you to stay away from putting sunglasses while viewing a fashion show, you can surely wear them when you walk out of the venue or before you come in.

Similarly, your bag is extremely important as a part of outfits to wear to a fashion show. Since it is more visible to the eye than the rest of your outfit, make a wise choice in choosing a bag for the fashion show.

Black Not Always

No matter how slim you might be, avoid making black the ‘be-all-end-all’ colour. Add a pop of color, in the form of a handbag, hat or belt, or in the form of skirts and blouses. This will help you walk into a room confidently thereby giving you the right edge in your career moves.

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