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Worst Fashion Trends Ever! Would You Wear These Hideous Fashion Statements?

by Fashionlady
fashion disaster

Worst Fashion Trends

There are trends that wow us, and then there are worst fashion trends that make us wonder, why god why! We are sure you too may have come across plenty of worst fashion trends, maybe on television, somewhere online, maybe at some fashion or film award show and more, and you too may have questioned your senses. Here are a couple of what we call the worst fashion trends, which make us question, why waste cloth? Take a look!

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Fashion Disasters And Trends That You Don’t Want To Be Caught In

They say the 90s were when fashion trends were mostly disasters, but guess what, the style of the 90s is making a comeback. Talking about fashion disasters and worst fashion trends ever, here are a couple of not so hip styles that you would want to emulate.

1. Sorry But What On Earth Is This

You know how we love our accessories, bags of course being the most sought after, more than shoes at times. But come on, would you even want to carry this one with you, even at a theme party? Why on earth would someone think of this statement to make. Hideous as ever!

worst fashion trend

2. Crocs Were A Shame

Shame, shame and more shame, but we all had a pair of them, let’s admit to this fashion disaster as well. Crocs look cute on toddlers and little one’s in their pig tails and ponies. However, with almost every age group wanting a pair, because they saw some celebrity wearing it, it turned out to be hideous as a statement

what not to wear

3. Why Lara Why?

Ok, so a tutu is a cute outfit for ballerinas at their studios and when performing, and not for everyday wear and certainly not when you are at a formal event, a social gathering or on the red carpet. Here’s what not to wear Lara, you don’t wear a ballerina tutu and expect to win an award!

bad trend

4. Low Rise Jeans

Back in the late 90s and the early 2000s, low rise jeans were very popular amongst the clan of fashionistas. Why did it turn out to be a horrible trend? To begin with, designers made them for the petite and skinny PYTs alone; it became so trendy that women in all body frames and sizes wore them too. We aren’t body shaming here, but we blame the designers that thought ‘one size would fit all’!

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bad fashion for womens

5. Tiny Isn’t Right Always

There was a time when Urmila Matondkar flaunted the tiny backpack to all her shows, movies and interviews, and then it became a rage. Once again, it looked hideous to see people carrying tiny backpacks to marriages, events, meetings and parties- it just didn’t fit the mood or the occasion!

bad style

6. One Of Them Please

Either your sandals or your socks, not the two! Now we have seen the worst of fashion statements come and go, and some quite hideous and disastrous by eminent designers on the ramps too. Socks and sandals? Why, who and what! Enough said!


bad styles

bad trends

9. Boots With Fur

We shall blame socialite and reality television star Snooki for spoiling the world on this trend, which was a total disaster. Fashion fur boots or whatever, made hideous statements when worn by women across the globe.

how not to dress

10. Good Girl Gone Fashion Ugly

RiRi made an appearance in an oversized layered evening cocktail gown, and we went blind. Enough said, Rihanna, you of all the celebs could have done better with not displaying such bad styles.

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bad dressing sense
We hope you got it, because we showed you how not to dress and that even with the best designer’s help, a day of bad dressing sense does happen to the best!

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