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Diet Disasters: Say No To These ILLOGICAL Diet Trends

by Fashionlady
Diet Disasters

Diet Disasters Say No To These ILLOGICAL Diet Trends

Illogical diet trends have been around since times immemorial. They are not only fads, and unhealthy, but they are neither safe or smart. Be it the classic butter in coffee diet or chomping on raw food for all three meals, there are many diet trends which sadly are famous only because of being infamous. So, today, let’s have a look on certain common ones and say no to these illogical and wrong diet plans.

1. Single food Diet

Surviving on a mono meal and eliminating all the breads, grains and fruits can for sure help you lose weight quickly. But the question arises, how long can you resist the craving for these groups of food? Not for the rest of your life for sure. Most diets work by eliminating one or two groups of food. So the idea here is to moderate and balance your diet in order to save from starving or binging later on.

Single food Diet

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2. Stapling Your Ear

Yes, such kind of diet also exists. Where a stainless steel is pierced on the cartilage of one’s ear to claim that it constantly stimulates the acupuncture point associated with the stomach, to help one curtail their appetite. According to Mayo clinic, there is no such evidence that this method works. In fact, if at all it will show any change in your life then it’s in your wallet. As it’s not a cheap affair. Instead of following such “short-cuts”, it is advisable to include more of vegetables, fruits and water intake in your regular diet and stick to it.

Stapling Your Ea

Source: truenatureclinic.com

3. Switching to ‘Magic’ weight loss pills

Have you ever realized why most people prefer to go natural in today’s world compared to taking any medication? It’s because the deadly weight loss drugs are winning the market’s approval and can cause major side effects, if not kill you literally. Agreed that not all drugs are harmful, but it’s better to do a deep research on the medication before playing with your health in this regard. It is still recommended to go natural, because it’s possible!

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4. Following too strict diet too soon

This acts as one of the major reasons why most of the diet plans fail within a week or so. Starting with too strict diet or going Paleo on diet can prove to be drastic on our body as our body is not used to the pattern of such eating from before. This will start to cause headaches, body pain, irritability, lethargies, and zombie like feeling or rather mind fogging or even worse. Nobody likes to feel this way. Well, the solution is, either take help from a good dietician or to follow a rule of- not too little, not too much, just right. As per your body’s metabolism you can follow a diet which suits your physical work routine as well as leaves you feeling all the more energized and refreshed instead of any ailments.

Following too strict diet too soon

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5. Eating Tape Worms

For most people, losing weight is a goal to eventually look good. Eating worms, like tapeworms and others will probably get you in shape. But speaking of the important vitamins, like B-12, which these worms steal from your body, leaves you looking sickly. These worms are also known to leave your abdominal cavity with parasitic infection, which builds up fluid in there. Think before you choose!

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6. Smoking to avoid eating

Using smokes as an excuse to lose weight is a big NO-NO. In your head, you will know how healthy it is to gain on health from one side by screwing it from the other. Smoking definitely can dramatically affect your appetite and get you skinny but also leaving you with a ‘skinnier-lung’ than what you used to have and other major visible side effects like under-eye dark circles, loss of energy and strength, yellow eyes, etc.

Smoking to avoid eating

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These were some major diet disasters you should be aware of. And, let us pledge today to say no to these illogical diet trends. Also, one should create a habit of reading often on healthy diet plans, if they really wish on succeeding in having a healthy body at the end of the day. With will and dedication what can we not achieve? Cheers to healthy eating!

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