Fashion Tips for Apple Shape Bodies


Fashion Tips for Apple Shape Bodies
Wondering how to ‘define’ your waist? Does your stomach have all the weight; maybe a little too much, as compared to the rest of your body? And, is your bust size- average to large? Well, you have an apple body shape.

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Apple body girl

Mostly seen in women who cross their forties, but these days many young girls have an apple body too. Blame it on weight gain, an unhealthy lifestyle, eating habits galore, if you have an apple body shape; dressing up can be a challenge.

Apple body girl

Steer clear of the following

Before we tell you what to wear, here’s what you should throw out!
1. Puffy jackets (the big large ones),
2. Garments that have NO SHAPE and those that wouldn’t accentuate the ‘waist’,
3. Trousers all too bulky and big, anti-fits with plenty of pockets,
4. Trousers that have front zippers,
5. Dresses and gowns with necklines too high,

apple shaped body

6. Clung-on tees,
7. Solid colours
8. Sheer garments (sarees or salwars)
9. Tight pyjamas, shorts and hot pants
10. Sarongs!


What you should wear!

1. Remember, a lot of attention would be on the top part of your lovely self; so the first thing to keep in mind is all the do’s and don’t’s while shopping for bras.

what you should wear

2. Pick tees and tops which would accentuate the body at its slimmest zone- beneath your bustline for example!
3. Tees and tops should be crunched in the middle, or maybe a belt would do justice to confuse the on-lookers eyes’; hides the big belly.
4. V-Necks are in fashion now, pick one that would help break the monotony of the chest to waist; brings in a leaner look.

woven tops

5. Thick textured tops wouldn’t cling to the bust line or the body; woven tops are best worn by apple shaped women.


6. Wear your tops with pants and let them fall or rest just above your hipbone.
7. Patterns are best to buy; helps flatter the apple shaped body and provides camouflage too.

shirt fallign on waist

8. Do not hide the belly area totally; let the top or tee or blouse fall over the hip.
9. Tailored dinner jackets with a V shape should be worn
10. A tie falling to the waist would be great to hide the belly area
11. For a leaner-longer look; structured jackets help the apple shaped body when worn with V Necks.

structured jackets

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apple bodylicious

We hope you now know how to flaunt that sexy apple bootylicious body of yours with zest and zeal; go get them tigresses!


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