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Fun and Cool Ways to Hide Your Double Chin

by Fashionlady

how to hide a double chin with makeup
Whether the reason be bloating or weight gain, a double chin plays truant with your beautiful face. A double chin might not let you fare well in a photograph or could steal away the beauty of the rest of your face. While losing weight is a great option to get rid of a double chin, there are numerous other fix-ups which will help you conceal the double chin cleverly.

Here are some cool tricks, techniques and ways to hide that troublesome double chin

Distraction is the game –  Take away the attention from the annoying double chin by enhancing your eyes or applying blush on your cheekbones. Apply mascara, dramatic eye liner and lovely metallic shadow to bring out the beauty of your eyes. This is a sure shot method of taking away the attention from the faulty double chin and playing up the other features cleverly.

Bronze it –  Take a matte finish bronzer and highlight the neckline. For the full natural effect, use bronzer tone on the neck and contour your cheeks in the same hue. This will cover up the double chin beautifully and make you look gorgeous.

Makeup Tricks to Hide a Double Chin

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Contouring – Use a dark shaded tone to give your chin a smaller appearance. Go for a foundation which matches your skin tone and start blending it in. Pick up another foundation darker by two tones and start contouring your chin and jaw with the help of a foundation brush or just fingers!

Keeping the lips low-profile – While facing the challenges of a double chin, do not opt for lipsticks in bright colors which highlight the double chin. Instead, apply lip balm with a hydrating feature and apply a coat of nude or glossy lipstick. This will keep the attention away from your double chin and give you naturally pretty looking lips as well!

double chin hairstyle

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Styling your hair – Brush your hair in a way that it outlines the face, curls it inwards and it will help in hiding the double chin flab.

Opt for long and straight hair which helps in making the double chin look smaller and cover it up successfully with all that thick, voluminous hair.


Avoid collared outfits- Collared outfits add prominence to the double chin – Just opt for simple neck pieces with pretty, fragile pendants and slender chains. Avoid wearing heavy chokers and chunky stones which will add unnecessary bulk to the double chin.

Try out pretty silk scarves and soft, colorful stoles to cover up the double chin. Opt for broad and deep necklines for taking the attention away from the cin. Do not opt for high-neck shirts, blouses or turtlenecks.

hide double chin with scarf

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Girls, hope these tips help you in hiding away that double chin successfully – But, tell you what, do not fret over this trivial issue and just try these tips! Don’t worry and be happy!

Let us know whether these tips and techniques work for you and share with us your experiences.

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