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Gauri And Nainika’s Collection At Amazon India Fashion Week Was Fab!!

by Fashionlady
Gauri and Nainikas Collection

Gauri and Nainikas Collection At Amazon India Fashion Week

We love spring summer collection, especially when it’s the local (Indian) designers. We love the flare and the drama they create. For example, when the Amazon India Fashion Week started, I was very sceptic about the entire presentation. But as and when the days progressed, I positively fell in love with each and every designer!

One brand that I always favoured was that of Gauri and Nainika. I had no idea who they were before Deepika started wearing a lot of their designs, and once I took note of them, I realised how unaware I was. Because their designs are FAB!

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The designer duo presented their latest collection at the Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer and I once again fell in love with them. This time, their collection was all about pastel hues and chiffons! Even the red that they used was so sombre!

Do you want to take a look at their collection?

Let’s start!

Here’s Some Blue Loving!

Gauri and Nainika best Collections

Source: facebook.com/TheFDCI

And Then Some Ivory

Gauri and Nainika Collections

Source: facebook.com/TheFDCI

How About Some Dirty White?

Gauri and Nainika best Collection

Source: facebook.com/TheFDCI

Or Peachy Pink?


Gauri and Nainika Collection

Source: facebook.com/TheFDCI

Gotta Love The Green!

Gauri and Nainika Collection At Amazon

Source: facebook.com/TheFDCI

Amazon India Fashion Week collection by Gauri and Nainika

Source: facebook.com/TheFDCI

1920’s Elegance!

Gauri and Nainika Popular Collections

Source: facebook.com/TheFDCI

And Here’s A Picture of The Designer Duo!

Amazon India Fashion Week

Source: facebook.com/TheFDCI

Now tell us this – how can we not love Gauri and Nainika!

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