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Glam And New Age Granny Hair Trend For The Sassy You

by Fashionlady
Granny Hair Trend

Granny Hair Trend

The female species, as also the male, have a strange kind of hunger these days. Of sporting coloured hair whether black, brown, mahogany, you name it. Ever heard of the itch for ‘grey’ hair? Ya ya, I mean hair that turn grey with age.

Is this some kind of a joke or reality? The fact is granny hair trend is very much in vogue these days. And women for once are not shy anymore sporting their granny, oops grey hair in the crowd of millions. On the contrary, young women around the world are gladly turning to granny hair style to give the badass look and look fabulous.

Take for instance celebs such as Kylie Jenner and Kelly Osbourne who have in the past dyed their hair to gray. It might have started as a popular hair color on Pinterest, but it has grown to be the most sought after beauty trend on Instagram.

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How To Get Granny Hair Color

Source: pinterest.com

How To Get Granny Hair Color?

Being on the feminine side, it goes without saying that beauty of a woman comes from within, from confidence, brilliance, happiness, love, kindness, strength, attitude, charisma and so much more, not just looks and black hair.

With time however, skin loses its elasticity. So hair would naturally grey. Hair colouring might have become more of a necessity these days and a fashion gimmick but how to get granny hair colour might be the dark horse gaining momentum.

Granny Hair Ideas

Source: pinterest.com

Beginning Of Granny Hair

Whoever started the granny hair trend? No high and gracious, but young girls and beauty bloggers who went ahead to make their locks silver in order to look sassy.

With a touch of bold lips, perfectly applied eyeliner and eyelashes, long and countered nails at the tip, granny hair ideas look far ahead while our mothers and grandmothers continue to dye their grey hair.

Granny Hair Tutorial


Mind you, there are still a lot many women out there who prefer to be seen in granny hair style, caring little about hair colouring, and wearing their silver looking mane with an air of confidence, as if it was just another way to show beauty.

Granny Hair Style

Source: dailybeautyhack.com

It’s all upon us which way do we want to swing – the unnatural way of coloured hair or the natural and elegant way of granny hair style. If you thought granny glam hair is all about white, you are mistaken. They also come in shades of platinum, grey, or greyish blue.

Granny Hair Tips

Source: thefashiontag.com

Tips On How To Get Granny Hair Color

Before I take you through how to get granny hair color or granny hair tutorial, a couple of decisions you need to take.

1. First of all, are you willing to put your hair to the potential damage expected from bleaching and dyeing of hair?

4. Now 48 hours before, stop washing your hair. The natural oils present in your hair will protect your scalp from the irritation caused during the bleaching process.

5. Once you approach the hair greying time, be prepared to cut off some length.

Even when you get your hair bleached by a professional, chances are there would be a bit of breakage and damage.

Here is a stepwise pictorial of getting granny hair:

Stage 1 Of Dyed Gray Hair – Bleach

Dyed gray hair bleach

Stage 2 Of Dyed Gray Hair – Toner

Dyed gray hair toner


Granny Hair Color

Stage 3 Of Dyed Gray Hair – Dye

Dyed gray hair dye

Caring For Granny Hair

Caring for granny hair

Dyeing Your Hair At Home

Dyeing your hair

Best Products For Granny Hair

Best hair products

Style-wise, granny hair style looks edgy and rock n roll, when paired with trendy looking western attire. After all, you need to create a statement of sorts against silver hair.

So are you going to sport a head full of granny hair and look a natural hottie at the same time, or go for the dull and boring coloured hair?

Drop in your honest views on the subject of granny hair trend on our FB, Twitter and Instagram. We would love to hear what you feel on the subject.

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