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5 Global Beauty Hot Spots

by Fashionlady
Global Beauty Hot Spots

Global Beauty Hot Spots

When international heavy-hitters claim their spotlight in the beauty world, ladies, you have to cross the borders for beauty! Here’s our list of top 5 new-and-upcoming global destinations we are currently setting our heart upon!

Wonder where the likes of Adriana Grande, Lima, Monica Belluci, Paris Hilton, Priyanka Chopra, Nargis Fakhri and the gorgeous ladies of the tinsel town travel to for a beauty update? Here are top five global beauty hotspots, where the glossy angels thrive, live or travel to.

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1. Fragrant Dubai

While the middle-eastern luxe hot spots are known for their glitz and glamour, let’s not forget how fragrantly blessed the folks there are. And we aren’t talking about local fragrances and sundry wear, think big. The mecca of fragrances thus would be the shining pearl of the desert, Dubai! Best part is, you can shop for almost all the fragrances you want in Dubai and without paying a large price too, because here is where you’d get an enormous range of fragrances tax-free. Try the famous Amouage- a brand so famous amongst fragrances in the middle-east, it defines luxe grooming. Another peppy fragrance worth recommending would be Juliette Has A Gun- Killian and exclusive series of Tom Ford, of course. The Emirates Mall has a row of shops dedicated to local fragrances only, and you’d be lucky to enter them without being jostled, because there is always a crowd wanting an Areej, Abdul Samad Al Qurashi or the bespoke Arabic Jasmine soap!

Global Beauty Hot Spots

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2. Holistic Skin Care at Johannesburg

Johannesburg is the one-stop shop for those who go that extra-mile for all things au naturale, with regard to skincare. If you thought India was where it all happens and the only destination for holistic and au naturale skin care products, Johannesburg is a close cousin that includes some exotic natural ingredients, from argan oil to shea butter. Since the continent is known for its rich treasure of flora and fauna, and thanks to the eminent ‘fairtrade collectives’, there is an abundance of eco-friendly beauty products that work wonders on all skin types. Famous products, such as Frankincense body balms ,  Rose Geranium and the well-known Marula Conditioning Body Oil, should be on your shopping list!

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Holistic Skin Care at Johannesburg

Source: amakhosi.com

3. Fashion Capital of the World, France

Head to France and immerse your visual senses in all things exquisite. Wonder why the French women look so haute, hot and chic, the answer lies in their beauty regimes, the range of designers on haute wear and more. The French pharmacies are beauty-treasure troves, waiting for the world to explore. Genius beauty products found here is one of the secrets to the gorgeous men and women we see walking down the French Riviera, Bordeaux or Paris. From hair and skin masks to hydrate and rejuvenate to common pharmacy products they use to bring on a vibrant touch to their DIY home beauty routines, and of course with plenty of skin and hair care brands pampering their senses, the French ensure to care about their looks. It is also true that the French use only cold water to wash their face with, since it helps them keep the blood circulation going- bringing a natural glow to their skin in the long run.

Beauty Hot Spots

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4. Boutiques and Beauty in Japan

The Japanese have wowed the world with their secret hair care, skin care, aroma regimes and centuries-old heritage of beauty rituals. Known for their undying resilience and undefeated zeal, the Japanese leave no stone unturned when it comes to being chic and trendy. Known very well for their penchant with technology and state-of-the-art innovations, when beauty meets modern-day science, anything can happen. From international brands of repute to new launches within the country, Canmake to Kanebo, skin to hair care, pale to white and dark complexions too, anti-ageing to rejuvenation products, the Japanese have wowed the fashionista in us!

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Boutiques and Beauty in Japan

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5. Gorgeousness and Egypt

Quite a mystical place since the turn of the century for archaeologists and scholars, thanks to the pyramids and tombs of the pharaohs, but when it comes to beauty and skin care, the Egyptians can teach us a thing or two. Forget the Egyptian eye makeup regime, and think of Nefertari, a mall dedicated to beauty, with two famous branches to shop for everything on your beauty list- Zamalek and Heliopolis, Cairo! Skin care, hair care, body care, rejuvenation, spa treatments, mind and soul therapies et al, even the famous Egyptian cotton towels or the trendy woven raffia footwear too, Egypt has plenty of them and more to keep fashionistas like us HAPPY!

Gorgeousness and Egypt

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